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Vehicle Valuation Factors

Regit's car price check is available online via a car valuer on demand. We calculate the fair market value of your current or potential vehicle using data derived from our partner - Motorway. We are committed to providing you with vehicle information that is accurate, comprehensive, and detailed.

Vehicle Make

More prestigious automobile brands, such as Land Rover and BMW, Mercedes - Benz, often have a higher value than ordinary volume brands, such as Vauxhall, Ford, Peugeot. Although name recognition is important, it is the higher build quality, technology, and engine options that enable the more desirable models to retain their worth. Car makes that are less popular in the UK, like Subaru, Seat, Chevrolet, SangYong will provide a lower interest in the second-hand market, so you will find that these used cars’ value will be lower than a similar one of another brand.

Service Book

Service Book This is crucial for determining how well the car has been maintained in order to keep a high value of your used car on the second-hand market. Simply put, a Service Book is a document or set of documents that contain information on repairs and maintenance. Depending on which comes first, a car should be serviced (oil and filter changes) once a year or every 10000 -12000 miles. We must assume that the car has not been serviced because there is no documentation. Be sure that the person in charge at the service station is completing the Service Book with all the data necessary to keep a record of all the works done.


The mileage on the odometer is a good indicator of the stage of wear and tear of your car. There is no doubt that a car with a mileage of 20,000 miles is more attractive to buyers than a car with a mileage of 120,000 miles. In fact, once you reach six digits, your car's appeal to buyers will be greatly reduced. In the UK, 1 in 16 cars has implemented the "car clocking" practice of incorrectly changing the odometer data. Changing the mileage of a car clock may initially increase its value when checking on a car value estimator, but it will eventually eliminate it completely because it is illegal and punishable by imprisonment.

Technical Condition

The condition of the vehicle greatly affects the value of its time on sale. Essentially, any damage to the body or machinery of the car needs to be corrected before the car goes on sale. So, take good care of your car throughout the entire process of owning your car, and the car will keep its greatest value when it will be up to passing a used car valuation check.

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