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Confused Car Valuation

What is Confused Car Valuation?

Confused has supplied UK motorists primarily with insurance comparison services for almost two decades. Among the many free services and advice provided, are free car valuations. Confused sets out to provide excellent services to its users, who are then referred to partnered insurance agencies.

How to get a used car valuation

Getting a Confused car valuation is straightforward by following the instructions on the official website. Your car’s summary will be pulled up once you enter your registration number and select whether you’re planning to buy or sell the car.

The summary page provides a quick description of your car, along with an estimated mileage value and two prices in case you’re selling:

  • Private sale – which is the suggested price when dealing with a private buyer directly, assuming the vehicle is in excellent condition.
  • Part exchange price – the price you'll get when trading in your vehicle to a dealer.

Underneath these prices, there will be two options presented, one for selling your vehicle online through a partnered company, and another to get started with the part exchange process.

When buying, you will be provided with the same prices, with other services recommended underneath such as showing the vehicle history and financing options.

Additionally, there is an App for both Android and iPhone.

Vehicle condition

The valuation supplied treats your vehicle as if it is in particularly good to excellent condition. Additionally, the valuation estimates an approximate mileage for your vehicle.

How Confused Car Valuation values used cars

Your car price check is performed with the help of UK Vehicle Data, a DVLA database. It holds current, as well as past car prices, both used and new. The database includes the total cost of ownership VED, indicative insurance costs, future valuation forecasting, residual values and more.

Further insight

In addition to new and used car valuations in the UK, Confused incorporates dozens of potentially valuable services for its motorist audience. It lets you easily compare prices for selling your car, find the right car insurance, browse financing options, upgrade your car warranty and more. Additionally, it has an excellent app for iOS and Android, which offers free information and reminders for:

  • Quick quotes for considering car insurance
  • Important vehicle dates
  • Estimated car running cost
  • Car history
  • Insurance policies
  • and a special rewards program

About Confused Car Valuation’s Information Services

  • UK’s first car insurance comparison website
  • 88% of UK motorists use comparison sites at least once a year
  • Free to use – paid by partners for bringing in business
  • A carefully curated selection of 30 partners
  • Robust security and privacy policy in place
  • Part of the RVU
  • From Cardiff, South Wales

What Confused Car Valuation says

“With so much confusion in our lives already, we’re helping bring clarity to the world of insurance and financial services. This includes everything from car insurance, car finance, home insurance, van insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, life insurance, gas and electricity, loans and much more.”

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