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Parkers Guide Valuations

What is Parkers?

Parkers is a popular, long established, company that offers used car valuations to the public rather than professionals in the trade. It also incorporates reviews, buying tips and various other tools that make it easier to purchase a suitable, affordable, car.

How to get a used car valuation

Your free, used, car valuation could come via the company’s website. Simply enter the registration number to start. The site then confirms its: make, model, trim and other factors to prove it has identified the correct car. Alternatively, pick it from a menu.

Parkers then asks for your: name, e-mail address, telephone number and postcode. It wants you to register with its site, in other words. This registration process ensures you have access to its used car valuations for 6 months – for free. The stated values are:

  • Franchise (buying at a franchise dealer)
  • Independent (buying at a non-franchise dealer)
  • Private good (buying/selling privately if the car is in good condition)
  • Private poor (buying/selling privately if the car is in poor condition)
  • Part exchange value (selling to a dealer)

The figures assume the car has average mileage – which is 10,000 per-annum – and a standard specification. No optional extras, in other words. However, Parkers say these factors influence its valuations by up to 30%. For a fee, therefore, it enables you to adjust for mileage and fitted extras. Access to this feature costs:

  • £3.49 for 1 day
  • £5.99 for 7 days
  • £9.99 for 1 month

The Parkers Car Price Guide magazine is an alternative means to value a second-hand car. It is available at newsagents and supermarkets for £5.99 (£65 annual subscription). Alternatively, the Car Price Checker is a app that is compatible with any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that have iOS 4.2 or newer. The price is £8.99.

Vehicle condition

The Parkers private good value assumes the vehicle has no significant faults. No horrendous damage to the bodywork, for instance. Excellent service history is a further trait. In contrast, the private poor valuation assumes the vehicle is below par. Perhaps it has a major mechanical fault or no service history.

How Parkers values used cars

Parkers car valuations are compiled by a team of specialist, independent, experts and are updated monthly. Influencing factors include thousands of real life transactions. The experts monitor:

  • Forecourt sales
  • Private sale
  • Auction sales

Further insight

Parkers has various buying tools that complement the vehicle’s free valuation. The tax calculator confirms the cost of Vehicle Excise Duty, for example (road tax). Furthermore, the history check – that is provided via HPI – confirms whether it is stolen or subject to outstanding finance. The buying tips further facilitate.

About Parkers

  • Established in 1972
  • 1,000 car reviews
  • 2 million users per-month
  • Vehicle values back to the 1990s
  • Van reviews and prices
  • Enables owners to review their cars online
  • Part of Bauer Media Group that incorporates 107 brands
  • Based in Peterborough, United Kingdom

What Parkers says

“Far too many people pay over the odds when buying a car”, Parkers says. “It is essential to know exactly what you should be paying.”

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