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Webuyanycar.com Valuations

What is WeBuyAnyCar.com?

WeBuyAnyCar.com is a fairly new, well recognised, company that values your vehicle online. Its valuation is also an offer to purchase. If you choose to sell for the stated price, simply take your vehicle to a local branch for the handover.

How to get a used car valuation

Perhaps it best suits to get your valuation via the company’s website. Enter the car’s registration number to start. The site then confirms its: make, model, trim, engine, transmission, colour and date of first registration. This proves it has identified the correct vehicle. Further information is then required. Confirm the:

  • Mileage, e.g. 50,000
  • Number of owners, i.e. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or do not know
  • Service history, i.e. full, some, none, or first not due

The final step to get a free, used, car valuation is to confirm your name, contact details and postcode so it can locate your nearest branch. The valuation then appears. Note, however, that it is based on certain assumptions. Key points include that your car:

  • Is not damaged
  • Runs
  • Has an MOT that lasts at least 6 months
  • Is not an insurance write-off

Now, therefore, is the time to tell the company if its assumptions are wrong or there are other factors that might influence its valuation. If so, click “change these assumptions and add damage”. Perhaps a headlamp is missing. Perhaps the car will not start. Perhaps it has been used by the police. Select anything applicable.

Alternatively, install the WeBuyAnyCar app to your phone. Ensure the device runs Android 4.4 (or newer) or Apple iOS 9.1 (or newer).

Vehicle condition

After the valuation, take the vehicle to your local branch if you want to sell. It is then inspected to ensure its condition matches the description. The valuation might be adjusted if it falls short.

How WeBuyAnyCar.com values used cars

WeBuyAnyCar.com values are based on auction prices. The hammer price that similar cars sold for in the recent past, in other words. Unlike some companies that value used cars, any values/offers have to be low enough to sell for a reasonable profit.

Further insight

The company provides further insight via its website. It explains motor insurance, for instance. Other highlights include how to haggle when buying a second-hand car plus how to spot online scams.

About WeBuyAnyCar.com

  • Established in 2006
  • UK’s largest car buying service
  • Owned by BCA (auction company)
  • 1 million plus customers
  • 200 branches nationwide
  • Supports road safety campaigns
  • Based in Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Philip Schofield stars in its commercials
  • Branches in United States of America
  • Can pay within 30 minutes

What WeBuyAnyCar.com says

“At WeBuyAnyCar.com, we get more than a few messages from our Twitter and Facebook followers asking if we would buy a variety of weird and wonderful vehicles - and as you may have guessed the answer is almost always yes!”

“Regardless of whether the vehicle in question is an everyday motor or an imported collectable model, we want any car that can be brought to branch with proof of ownership.”

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