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Staying Legal

From Tax, MOT and Insurance to the history of a vehicle we have all you need to know about staying legal.

New drivers being targeted by ‘ghost brokers’ insurance scam
It’s thought up to 21,000 people in the UK have been victims of the scam
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Who doesn’t want to reduce their insurance premium?
Our industry experts have provided their top tips for helping you to do just that…
Cyclists given priority as revised Highway Code comes into force
New guidance brought in but DfT slammed for staying silent
Drivers face new rules and restrictions in 2022
New rules of the road, speed restricting technology, and self-driving motorway cars await motorists in 2022.
GAP insurance for cars explained
GAP insurance explained including what it is, how it helps if your car is stolen or written off, and how to buy it.
Your Health and Driving
The Driving Standards Agency must be informed of any special needs when booking your practical/theory driving tests.
Do It Online – Apply For Your Driving Licence
Applying for a provisional driving licence online is convenient and straightforward.
Drivers risk lives waiting in wrong spot after motorway breakdown
Survey proves most motorists would risk their lives by waiting in the wrong place following a motorway breakdown.
Is it illegal to travel with your boot open?
Planning a Christmas clear-out? Make sure you know the rules on traveling with your boot open
Update Your V5C (Registration Document)
Or face the potential loss of your licence without even knowing about it.
Should I Notify the DVLA About My Heart Problem?
In many cases, a person’s licence group entitlement will determine whether the DVLA should be notified of their heart problem.
Pros And Cons Of Franchise And Independent Dealers
Factors when choosing franchise or independent include: type of stock, availability, maintenance, warranty and cost.
What To Do If I Lose My Driving Licence
How To Get A New Driving Licence Online
Save Money: Recalculate Car Insurance Premium During Coronavirus?
Motor insurance insider suggests coronavirus restrictions might slash your annual mileage and reduce your premium
Driving Licence Expiry Date Automatically Extended
DVLA extends the expiry date of your photocard driving licence to minimise stress, inconvenience, and expense during the pandemic.
How do I check if a car has outstanding finance or has been written off?
Buying a car is exciting, but you need to check the history of the vehicle you’re interested in first.
How do I reduce my insurance premiums?
It’s another one of those taxes on motorists, but there are ways you can knock chunks off your next insurance premium
How do I find out if a car has a valid MOT?
A valid MOT is a legal requirement for all UK cars, so understanding where to look to find out if a car has one is important for all...
When is my MOT and service due?
The MOT and regular servicing are crucial to the upkeep of your car, and required by law
When is my car tax due?
Car tax is a legal requirement, so you should know exactly when it’s due for renewal. Luckily, we can help there.
What do I need to know about my MOT and what does it involve?
An MOT is the annual health check for your car that determines whether or not it’s still roadworthy, and what action is needed if not.
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