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What does the 2030 ban’s postponement mean for petrol and diesel cars?
Will the delay affect how we buy ‘regular’ cars or will things continue as normal? We take a look.
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These are the best used hybrid cars
Looking for a hybrid car to help reduce your fuel costs? Here are some great choices
Oct 30, 2023
Could now be the best time to buy an electric vehicle?
Electric vehicle prices have been falling for a long period. Why has that happened?
Oct 30, 2023
One month on: Do 20mph speed limits work?
A recent study by an independent transport data consultancy reveals that the implementation of 20mph speed limits on Welsh roads has...
Oct 27, 2023
BEWARE: these widely-used painkillers could land you with a drug-driving conviction
Winter brings a rise in colds and flu for drivers, but be careful as these widely-used painkillers, may impair your driving ability or even...
Oct 27, 2023
What are UK driver's biggest frustrations in 2023?
Fuel prices? Pot holes? Cyclists? A report by RAC has revealed UK driver's top motoring concerns...
Oct 26, 2023
Where in the UK has the most amount of potholes?
One county tops the list with over 200,000 potholes reported from 2020-2022
Oct 26, 2023
Insurance company tell grandmother she was ‘at fault’ for parking her car in Luton Airport car park after it was destroyed by blaze
The unnamed insurance company has offered her just £7,000 to replace the £20,000 car.
Oct 24, 2023
Winter is almost upon us. Here’s how you should and shouldn’t remove ice from your car.
We’ve got some top tips for getting the job done quickly and safely.
Oct 24, 2023
Van Knowledge: Diesel vs. Electricity Prices
If you're a van owner or you're considering whether a van is cost-effective, there's a question that, a few years ago, wouldn't have even...
Oct 23, 2023
Van Tax: everything you need to know
Working out what tax you need to pay on your van can seem a little overwhelming but in reality it’s pretty simple.
Oct 20, 2023
Van driver's hours and breaks: everything you need to know
Whether you're navigating the roads in the UK or EU, specific regulations dictate how long drivers can stay behind the wheel before taking a...
Oct 20, 2023
How to drive safely in the rain
This article offers comprehensive guidance on effectively navigating wet roads, prioritising the safety of both yourself and those around...
Oct 20, 2023
Citroen unveils its e-C3 game-changer
Priced at less than £23k and with a driving range of 199 miles, this five-door B-segment hatchback is big on style, technology and...
Oct 19, 2023
Luton Airport car park fire: What started it and what happens if your car is caught?
What caused the fire, how many cars are affected and what happens if you get caught in a situation like that? We have the answers.
Oct 19, 2023
How to test drive a used car
Going to look at a previously owned car? Here's what to look for during a test drive...
Oct 19, 2023
These are the most affordable new EVs you can buy today and those that are coming soon
There are a number of more affordable new electric cars due to go on sale in the next couple of years, opening up ownership to a wider...
Oct 18, 2023
Toyota's Kayoibako: A futuristic electric van concept redefining urban mobility
Although currently a concept, the Kayoibako will be showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show, providing a glimpse into Toyota's innovative approach...
Oct 18, 2023
UK achieves 50,000 EV charging points milestone with accelerated growth
This milestone reflects substantial progress in two crucial aspects of the nation's charging infrastructure
Oct 18, 2023
A government-commissioned report recommends wider parking spaces to help prevent fires from spreading and giant baths for burning vehicles
The report has made a series of recommendations and has become of interest since the Luton Airport fire that‘s written off 1,500 vehicles
Oct 17, 2023
FIA once again targeting Hamilton as it warns of further action for crossing the track
F1 drivers are specifically told they cannot cross the track while racing is ongoing
Oct 17, 2023
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