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What is GAP insurance? and what changes have been made?
Gap insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind, ensuring that you won't be left with a substantial financial burden if your car is totalled or stolen
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Driving to France this summer? You’ll want to check out these clean-air stickers required in certain areas
Some recent changes in regulations mean that some areas of France might require some additional planning before you head into them
Jun 10, 2024
FIA unveils new 2026 F1 regulations
While the engine changes have been known for two years, this is the first confirmation of the updated chassis regulations.
Jun 07, 2024
New Jeep Avenger 4xe Preview
The iconic Jeep brand, renowned for its exploration and design, has a rich history dating back to World War II.
Jun 04, 2024
Jeep Wagoneer S Preview
Whether it's a weekend getaway or a bucolic expedition, the versatility of the marque’s models ensures that every trip is met with...
Jun 04, 2024
UK to mandate speed limiters in new cars from July 2024
All new vehicles sold in Europe – including the UK – will be fitted with a mandatory speed limiter from July 7, 2024 to keep cars within...
Jun 04, 2024
Mazda, Toyota, and Subaru to collaborate on innovative hybrid engines
These engines will be able to run on low-carbon fuel alternatives like liquid hydrogen, biofuel, and synthetic fuel.
Jun 03, 2024
UK airport drop-off charges and how to avoid them
Here's how much you can expect to pay at every UK airport's drop-off zone and clever ways you can avoid paying the fee...
Jun 03, 2024
Edinburgh Low Emission Zone (LEZ): Everything you need to know
Enforcement for the Edinburgh LEZ starts on June 1st, 2024. Here's everything you need to know...
May 31, 2024
BYD unveils new plug-in hybrids with 1,250-mile range
This upgrade allows some of BYD’s plug-in hybrid vehicles to cover distances equivalent to New York to Miami or Munich to Madrid on just...
May 30, 2024
UK has most expensive diesel in Europe according to RAC
The RAC, which conducted the research, stated there is "no good reason" why British fuel retailers are not lowering pump prices.
May 30, 2024
Limited production set for BMW Skytop Concept
While BMW gears up for an electric future, the Skytop reaffirms the brand's commitment to high-performance combustion engines in select...
May 30, 2024
Lamborghini CEO doubts fully electric supercars, champions e-fuels as alternative
While big carmakers worldwide are all about electric rides to hit their net zero targets, not everyone's on board.
May 30, 2024
Futuristic tech we could live without
Here's our rundown of the latest tech that your car probably doesn't need, including cameras replacing mirrors, prank settings, and gaming...
May 30, 2024
What type of maintenance work does an electric vehicle need?
Many people might not know how to keep an electric vehicle serviced and maintained. Regit is here to help...
May 30, 2024
Dundee Low Emission Zone: Everything you need to know
Starting May 30, 2024, all vehicles that don't meet emission standards, except motorcycles, will be fined for driving within the Dundee Low...
May 30, 2024
Zero-emission vehicles make up nearly a third of new car models
Data from SMMT shows a surge in electric vehicle options and demand in the UK with over 100 models now available
May 28, 2024
UK to introduce new offence for dangerous cycling
Government introduces laws to address serious injuries and fatalities caused by reckless cyclists
May 28, 2024
These are the driving mannerisms that might be lost to technology
Complex technologies have become a more commonplace feature in the cars we drive. Compared with vehicles from even 25 years ago
May 24, 2024
How big do potholes need to be before councils fix them?
Channel 4's latest Dispatches documentary exposed significant variations in how local authorities evaluate pothole severity and determine...
May 23, 2024
How over the air updates are revolutionising your car's capabilities
OTA updates are revolutionising vehicles by enabling ongoing software improvements, but though they come with cybersecurity risks and a...
May 23, 2024
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