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How do I find my nearest car dealer?

By Phil Gardner | May 7, 2021


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Most people still buy their cars from their local dealer, whether it’s franchised or independent

How do I find my nearest car dealer?

The way we buy cars is changing. Increasingly, more people are doing it remotely, either online or through a leasing company. You can buy a car online just like you’d buy a book from Amazon. Ford, BMW and Hyundai are just a few of the Manufacturers with click and collect offerings - this practice was accelerated during the various Covid lockdowns. 

That said, touching the metal in person still is king. And unless you just like to travel, the chances are you’ll want to shop for your next car at your local car dealership. There are different sorts of dealerships though, and some car brands that you might be fond of are also linked to others.  

What kind of dealership are you looking for?

Car dealers can come in many shapes and sizes. Some are local businesses that specialise in selling used cars, some are specialists that deal with performance cars, and some are the main dealerships of car brands. Before you search, it’s worth knowing what you’re really looking for. New cars are best bought from the main dealerships, while 2nd hand niche cars are probably best looked for in specialist dealership.

How do I search for my nearest car dealer?


Simply enter your postcode here and we’ll search the streets near you for a trusted dealer. All dealers on our site are given a rating by users, so use that rating to make a more informed decision.

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Some manufacturers are linked…

Sometimes you can find certain brands grouped together in similar locations due to their links. For example, Volkswagen own Audi, Seat, and Skoda, so it isn’t unusual to find these dealerships close together or even sharing the same site sometimes. 

Sometimes it might be better to travel a little further

It isn’t always the case, but sometimes it might be better to travel a little further as some dealerships and specialists are worth going the extra mile for. If a specialist dealer is particularly well respected or part of a larger chain, it’s sometimes worth travelling further for their expertise or larger discounts - though you’ll have to weigh that up with how much it will cost you to get there of course.

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