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These are the classic cars which may be more affordable than you might think

By Jack Evans | April 16, 2024


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There are some classics out there which might be a little more budget-friendly than you might expect

These are the classic cars which may be more affordable than you might think

The term ‘classic car’ draws up images of an immaculately finished motor, with gleaming chrome and a rich, sonorous exhaust note pootling along a typical British country lane. However, that dream is often associated with a high cost, too, with many poster stars of the classic car world commanding big price tags. 

However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. In fact, there are some classics out there which might be a little more budget-friendly than you might expect. Let’s take a look. 

Jaguar XJS

The Jaguar XJS is an icon of the classic car scene. Large, powerful and kitted out with some luxurious materials and finishes, it sums up what everyone thinks that a Jaguar should be. You might think that all of that prestige comes with a hefty price tag and while there may be some models out there which do command a high price, there are some options out there for more value-orientated buyers. 

In fact, we found some examples - with a full MOT and decent mileage - for as little as £3,950, getting you a slice of this V12-powered classic for less than the cost of a modern hatchback. Just remember to set aside some reserves for repairs and general maintenance. 

Morris Minor

The little Morris Minor was once a rather humble way of getting from A to B. However these days, as fewer cars are left on the road, it has become far less commonplace and, as such, is sometimes accompanied by quite a high price tag from time to time. 

However, there are some models you could investigate if you’re looking to save money. We were able to find a 1959 model with acceptable mileage for £2,800 while spending up to £5,000 would get you a very tidy example. It won’t cost the earth to run, either.

Austin Healey

The Austin Healey is a symbol of old-school British motoring, combining classic craftsmanship with some decent performance and very low weight. They’ve always brought something of a premium, too, but if you’re looking to get into the Healy market, then there are some deals to be had. 

Excluding the smaller models - and the famous ‘Frog Eyed’ Sprite - you’re looking at a car worth around £30,000, which still puts it well under the price of many modern-day saloon cars.

Morgan Plus 8

Morgan’s attention to detail is legendary among British motoring circles with the Malvern-based manufacturer designing cars which, to this day, retain time-honoured design methods and production standards. The Plus 8 has always been one of its core models and while they do hold on to their values well, you can shop on a budget for one. 

Around £27,000 is enough to get you a clean Plus 8 example and for that you’ll be getting one of the most instantly recognisable classics out there, as well as one with a thumping V8 engine under the bonnet. 


The original Mini has levels of cool which go far beyond its teeny-tiny dimensions. One of the original city cars, the Mini packed a whole lot of character into very small proportions and, to this day, it remains one of the greatest British creations. 

It’s also a great classic car for drivers on a budget. We found examples for as little as £1,900, though around £6,000 will get you a very clean example. There are some deals out there to be found on this cutesy classic, however.

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