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These are the most affordable new cars on sale today (including leasing)

By Ted Welford | September 1, 2023


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There are still some great new car deals to be had, especially if you look at leasing and financing arrangements.

These are the most affordable new cars on sale today (including leasing)

New car prices have increased significantly in recent years, and it will come as a shock to many that the average cost of a new car is now more than £40,000.

Not so long ago, it was possible to pick up a new car for less than £10,000, but those days are sadly over as the need for larger cars with more technology and features has pushed the prices of even the cheapest cars up. 

That said, there are still some great deals to be had, especially if you look at leasing and financing arrangements. Let’s take a look at the most affordable new cars on sale today. 

Kia Picanto – from £13,655

Kia’s smallest car, the Picanto, has quietly become the UK’s cheapest new car, with a list price starting from £13,655. Though a new version is on the way soon, there’s still a lot going for this model, not least its surprisingly roomy cabin and Kia’s fantastic seven-year warranty. 

It’s good to drive as well, while small engines ensure it’s very cheap to run – making it ideal for younger drivers too. You can currently lease one over four years for as little as £143 per month. 

Dacia Sandero – from £13,795

For years the Dacia Sandero was Britain’s cheapest new car, but the firm has recently scrapped the cheapest trim levels, meaning the starting price has increased to £13,795. It’s still a cracking deal, however, with the Sandero feeling like a far more substantial car than others on this list.

It’s larger and therefore more useful as an everyday car, with rear seat space for adults and a decent-sized boot. It’s good to drive as well, while standard equipment includes LED headlights, air conditioning and cruise control. It’s incredible value for money to lease, with monthly prices starting from just £117 a month over four years. 

MG3 – from £13,820

MG is now renowned for its cars’ terrific value for money, and its most affordable is the MG3 supermini. It feels a little dated next to other cars in its class but offers a decent amount of space and a fantastic low starting price of £13,820. 

It comes with plenty of equipment as well, including an eight-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and rear parking sensors. New MGs also come with a seven-year warranty. You can also lease an MG3 for as little as £150 a month over a four-year arrangement. 

Citroen C3 – from £13,995

Citroen previously had its C1 city car as the entry point to its range, but recently stopped selling this value-packed model. In its place, the French firm decided to introduce a new entry trim level of its larger C3. Known as the ‘You’, it drops some style and equipment in the name of value, with prices starting from £13,995. 

The C3 is comfortable and easy to drive, while its small petrol engine delivers great fuel economy. Leasing a C3 is a bit more expensive than others here, with prices starting from £176 per month over four years. 

Volkswagen Up! – from £14,630

You might expect a car with a Volkswagen badge to command quite a high price, but the firm’s Up! continues to make a lot of sense for those shopping for a low-cost car. Though this VW might be getting on a bit in terms of age, it’s still good to drive and has a surprisingly roomy interior for such a small car. 

Small engines ensure the Up! is very frugal, and it’s another car that’s ideal for new drivers. If you’re looking to lease an Up!, it’s available from £183 per month. 

Fiat Panda – from £14,740

Fiat is renowned for its affordable range of cars, and it’s the Panda city car that continues to be its cheapest model to buy with a £14,740 starting price, though to lease a Fiat Panda, it will cost from £217 per month. 

The Panda is equipped with a mild-hybrid engine that makes it very cheap to run, while thanks to its dinky dimensions, few cars are better suited to city driving. 

Dacia Sandero Stepway – from £15,295

As well as the regular Dacia Sandero, the firm also offers a Stepway model. This is a more rugged-looking version that brings raised suspension and chunkier exterior styling to give it a more purposeful appearance. 

This model is now more popular than the regular Sandero as well, with buyers loving its more purposeful looks, yet at no expense to all the other great traits of this supermini. You can lease a Sandero Stepway from £184 per month, too. 

Hyundai i10 – from £15,420

Hyundai’s i10 is one of the best all-round city cars on the market, with style, quality and technology that punches well above its weight for a car like this. Hyundai has recently introduced a revised model that builds on those pre-existing strengths. 

All i10s come with generous equipment levels, with particularly frugal engines as well. Prices start from £15,420, though you can lease the Hyundai i10 from only £153 per month. 

Toyota Aygo X – from £15,990

Toyota’s Aygo used to be produced alongside models from Citroen and Peugeot, but it’s only Toyota that continues and it has now rebranded its compact city car to the funky Aygo X. Adopting SUV styling cues, this is a small car that most certainly looks the part. 

This Aygo X is pleasant to drive, while there’s a surprising amount of technology and high-end features crammed into such a small car. With a starting price of £15,990, it’s competitively priced as well. At the time of writing, no leasing deals were available. 

Suzuki Swift – from £16,599

If you want a compact supermini that can help save you money, you shouldn’t look much further than the Suzuki Swift. Though not quite as cheap as it once was, a £16,599 starting price still makes it attractive value for money.

The Swift is surprisingly good fun to drive, while the level of equipment is generous considering its size, with various safety assistance systems available. Leasing a Suzuki Swift starts from an attractive £168 per month. 

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