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What is fleet leasing?

By Stephen Turvil | July 14, 2022


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Benefits of fleet leasing explained: get reliable vehicles that suit your business, save money, optimise your business brand, and make staff feel valued.

What is fleet leasing?

Fleet leasing explained

Fleet leasing lets a business lease multiple vehicles for a specific period via fixed monthly instalments. A fleet could include a range of models and be widely distributed within a business. Options include executive cars for senior management, less prestigious models for junior staff, and panel vans for delivery drivers. A business can lease however many vehicles it needs to run efficiently. It could be just a few or a large number. 

Save money with fleet leasing

Fleet leasing offers a business many benefits. Primarily, it eliminates the need to buy vehicles outright which can be ferociously expensive. Even a small fleet can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Rather than spend this lump sum, a business can lease the cars it needs for modest monthly payments. 

Latest technology

A business that leases new vehicles benefits from the latest technology, helping to reduce running costs. New petrol, diesel, and hybrid cars are more fuel efficient than their predecessors and tax savings can also be found by having cleaner cars on the road. 

Reliable vehicles

A business that leases brand new vehicles is likely to have reliable vehicles. Additionally, new lease vehicles are backed by manufacturer warranties for peace of mind. These minimise any cost and hassle for the business if they do become problematic.

Build a company brand with fleet leasing

Leased vehicles can be a valuable marketing tool that pays dividends long term. Each can have the company logo on its bodywork, contact details, and a summary of what the business offers. Personalised vehicles also make the company look professional and inspire confidence among customers, staff, and suppliers. 

Boost staff moral with fleet leasing

Leased vehicles can be a perk for staff. This perk can help attract, retain, and motivate the best people to grow the business.

Easy vehicle disposal

As the lease expires, the vehicles can be returned to the supplier with minimal fuss. This eliminates the hassle of selling elsewhere.

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