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How far can electric cars travel in the winter?

By Tom Gibson | February 6, 2023


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Electric cars: winter vs. summer maximum range. Why electric cars cannot travel as far in cold weather, range comparisons, plus info from Renault and Vauxhall.

How far can electric cars travel in the winter?

Electric car range: winter vs. summer

An electric car cannot travel as far per charge in winter vs summer because the battery works less efficiently at low temperature. Also, you’re more likely to switch on the heater and rear demister which takes power from the car’s battery and further shortens your range per charge.

How far does electric car range fall in winter?

Electric car range falls around 10% to 20% in winter but the many variables leave the exact figure open to debate.

Renault electric car range calculator: summer vs. winter

Renault makes it easy to compare winter vs. summer range via an online calculator, with results displayed here.

Renault Megane E-Tech 60kWh battery (2023)

Air conditioning, heater, and eco mode off

20mph 30mph 40mph 50mph 60mph 70mph
5°C 213 244 227 208 187 163
10°C 224 253 238 220 194 169
15°C 248 279 260 236 207 183
20°C 248 279 260 236 207 183
35°C 251 289 268 243 219 190

Vauxhall electric car range calculator: summer vs. winter

Vauxhall also lists a range calculator for its Mokka…

Vauxhall Mokka Electric 50kWh battery (2023)

Climate control and eco mode off

20mph 30mph 40mph 50mph 60mph 70mph
-10°C 175 177 171 154 129 106
0°C 193 194 186 166 140 113
10°C 210 210 200 178 149 121
20°C 226 225 213 190 158 128
30°C 223 227 217 194 162 132

Electric car range: view figures with caution

When considering a car’s maximum range per charge, remember the figures are not guaranteed even if they come directly from the manufacturer. Consider too that your driving style, the type of road, traffic, and many other factors affect a car’s maximum range.

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