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How to maximise your electric car’s range: 10 tips

By Stephen Turvil | February 28, 2023


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Tips to maximise your electric car’s range per charge. Protect the battery, pre-heat the cabin, drive efficiently, pump up the tyres, and minimise weight, etc.

How to maximise your electric car’s range: 10 tips

Your electric car’s range per charge will likely fluctuate depending on numerous factors but our 10 point guide will help you get the most miles for your money.

Tip one: protect the battery

An electric car’s battery degrades over time and mileage meaning its maximum range per charge falls. For most EVs, it’s recommended you charge only to 80% via slow chargers, using fast chargers if necessary.

Tip two: pre-heat your car in the winter

Your car will be cold in the winter when you get into it for the first time on any given day. The obvious solution is to turn on your heater, air conditioning, rear demister, and electric seats but such things take a lot of power from the battery. On this basis, keep the vehicle on charge while the windows clear and the cabin warms up. When you start driving, the battery is then at optimum capacity rather than partly drained. 

Tip three: drive efficiently

It’s an obvious one but drive efficiently. Don’t get too close to the car in front so you can maintain a consistent speed and minimise breaking episodes, while cruise up to red lights opposed to accelerating up to them. 

Tip four: maximise regenerative braking

Your electric car likely has a regenerative braking system that charges its battery on the move. In basic terms, as you press the brake pedal – or lift the throttle – the motor that powers the car spins in reverse rather than forward. This produces electricity that charges the battery. To maximise the vehicle’s range per charge, pick the regenerative brake mode that produces as much electricity as possible. 

Tip five: select eco mode

If fitted, switch on eco mode to minimise power consumption and maximise range. Systems vary but it might make the throttle less responsive, limit your top speed, and make the air conditioning less powerful.

Tip six: turn off equipment

Turn off unnecessary equipment to optimise the car’s range per charge. Every system takes power from the battery but some need more than most. The air conditioning and heater, for example. 

Tip seven: optimise aerodynamic efficiency

Maximise the electric car’s range by optimising its aerodynamic efficiency. Keep the windows shut, the sunroof shut, and remove unnecessary extras such as a roof rack, roof box, or bike carrier.

Tip eight: get rid of unnecessary weight

Your car has to work harder if heavily laden and that affects its range per charge.

Tip nine: check the tyres

Your car’s tyres must be at the correct pressure to maximise efficiency. Check what yours should be via a sticker on the A-pillar or inside the charge flap. Your owner’s manual contains this information, too.

Tip 10: pick a fuel efficient route

Choose the most efficient route to maximise your electric car’s range per charge. Even if you take the route regularly, have a quick check on your sat-nav before setting off to help avoid hitting traffic.

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