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The future of charging points: trends and predictions

By Jodie Chay Oneill | April 17, 2024


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Electric vehicles (EVs) are here to stay and are key to our future transportation

The future of charging points: trends and predictions

Electric vehicles (EVs) are here to stay and are key to our future transportation. With climate change as a big concern, expanding EV charging spots is not just about tech; it's a must for our society.

This article talks about what's changing and what's coming up in EV charging.

Changes in EV Charging

More people are getting electric cars, pushing us to have more places to charge them. Charging spots are now essential, not just extras. They're becoming vital for our daily travel, not just a backup for petrol stations.

As electric cars become more common, charging spots are becoming a bigger part of our cities and suburbs. They're not just convenient; they're becoming essential for electric cars to work every day.

Trends in EV Charging

Here are some trends that are shaping how we charge and manage energy for EVs:

Fast Charging: Quick charging is crucial for making electric cars popular. High-speed chargers that charge cars faster are becoming more common.

Smart Integration: Charging spots will connect to smart grids and homes, making energy use smarter and more efficient.

New Charging Tech: Solar-powered chargers and battery swapping are new ways to make charging greener and easier.

Future Predictions for EV Charging

Here's what's coming up for EV charging:

More Public Charging: Expect more charging spots in busy places like malls and transport hubs to make charging as easy as getting petrol.

Affordable Charging: As tech gets better, charging will get cheaper, making it easier for more people to charge their cars. Payment and tracking will also get easier.

Renewable Energy: More charging spots will use renewable energy, making electric cars even greener.

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