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Who is Seres? The Chinese-owned EV brand launching in the UK this year

By Mathilda Bartholomew | March 25, 2024


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Seres, a Chinese automaker, is set to enter the UK market this spring with the introduction of its compact SUV, the Seres 3.

Who is Seres? The Chinese-owned EV brand launching in the UK this year

The UK electric vehicle market is about to get anew player: Seres. This California-based manufacturer, a subsidiary of the giant Chinese Seres Group, is setting its sights on British drivers with a range of competitively priced EVs. Here's what you need to know about Seres and their upcoming UK launch.

From California to UK Shores

Officially introduced at the London EV Show in December 2023, Seres might be new to the UK market, but they come with backing from a major player. The Seres Group, an A-share listed Chinese manufacturer, boasts over 10,000 employees globally. Seres itself is headquartered in California, aiming to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and affordability.

Seres' UK Launch Strategy

Seres is wasting no time in establishing itself in the UK. They've already appointed Innovation Automotive, an experienced importer of EVs like DFSK, as their official UK distributor. The first Seres showroom is set to be opened in Carlisle, Cumbria, with plans for further expansion. Seres has ambitious goals, targeting exports of 200,000 units within three years and reaching half a million by 2030.

A Range of Electric SUVs

Seres isn't entering the UK market with a single vehicle. They're launching a range of SUVs to cater to different needs and budgets. The star of the show is the Seres 3, a compact electric SUV with a starting price under £30,000. This budget-friendly option boasts a 205-mile range and will be available in two trims. Later in 2024, Seres plans to introduce the larger and sportier Seres 5. Drivers looking for even more space can look forward to the Seres 7 and Seres 9 SUVs arriving in 2025.

With a focus on affordability, technology, and a range of SUVs, Seres is poised to shake up the UK EV market. Keep an eye out for Seres on the road as they take on established brands and redefine what British drivers expect from a Chinese electric vehicle.

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