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Which is the Cheapest Hybrid Car to Buy?

By Phil Gardner | March 21, 2022


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Find out which hybrid car is cheapest and which Plug-In hybrid is cheapest across various segments and sizes...

If you’re in the market for a hybrid vehicle then it is likely you’re keen to save some money on your motoring expenses. The car market is becoming increasingly populated with hybrids at varying price points, but if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck then let us help...

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid

At this very moment in time, the most affordable Hybrid car on the market is the Toyota Yaris, which starts from as little as £19,915. The Yaris is available exclusively with a 1.5-litre Petrol engine which is mated to an electric motor. This a self-contained Hybrid, so the Yaris will charge itself and doesn’t need plugging in.

The Yaris Hybrid isn’t just cheap to buy, it’s cheap to run too. The Yaris has an advertised efficiency of 57.6 miles per gallon while emitting just 92 g/km of CO2. This level of emissions means that the Vehicle Excise Duty (‘Road Tax’) is just £130 for the first year and then £145 from there onwards.

The Renault Clio E-Tech Hybrid

The second most affordable hybrid on the market in 2021 is the Clio E-Tech Hybrid. This is a subtly hybridised version of the much-adored Clio hatchback. The Clio starts from just £20,600, which is marginally more expensive than the Yaris, however, this is a larger car and therefore more practical. The Clio also benefits from a slightly better level of efficiency, with an advertised 64.2 mpg on offer as tested to the WLTP standards. 

The Clio E-Tech Hybrid actually uses two electric motors alongside the 1.6-litre petrol engine to improve fuel economy, slicken gear changes and offer electric-only driving. There is a combined 140 horsepower on offer from this model which means it is not only economical and somewhat sustainable, the Clio E Tech Hybrid is actually quite powerful to drive when compared to alternatives.

The Hyundai Kona Hybrid

If a supermini or hatchback isn’t quite what you’re looking for, but you still want to save money, the cheapest hybrid SUV comes in the form of the Kona from Hyundai. The Kona uses a 1.6-litre petrol engine, a 32kW motor and a 1.56 kWh battery to deliver up to 56 mpg. The best part is that the Konsa can comfortably fit 5 adults and there’s a 360-litre boot for all your cargo.

The Kona Hybrid starts from just £23,955 - making it cheaper than the majority of non-hybrid cars in this segment, therefore representing excellent value for a Hybrid car, as they are typically more expensive. The Kona comes with a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty too as well as Hyundai Roadside Assistance and 5 annual health checks.

Which Is The Cheapest Plug-In Hybrid Car to Buy?

While self-contained hybrids are easier to live with, the real financial benefits of owning a hybrid car come with the models that can be plugged in. Plug-In Hybrids have larger batteries meaning they can cover more ground in electric-only mode and, if you manage your battery well, you can make considerable fuel savings. Here are the most affordable plug-in hybrids on the market…

The Hyundai IONIQ Plug-In

The IONIQ from Hyundai is available as a hybrid, a Plug-in Hybrid or a pure electric, and all three are excellent in their own right, but it’s the Plug-In version that hits a real sweet spot in the market. Prices start from £30,195 and the headline figures are outstanding. 

Hyundai claims a maximum efficiency of 257 mpg, however, this is unrealistic as you won’t be able to achieve this without scientifically precise diligence when it comes to charging and driving. Realistically, owners who charge frequently shouldn’t see anything less than 80 mpg with regular driving.

The IONIQ PHEV is also able to cover 32 miles of electric-only driving from a full charge. The onboard battery is a modestly sized 8.9 kWh, which means a full charge from a 7 kW wall box will take less than two hours. 

The IONIQ PHEV is also pleasantly practical, with a very comfortable interior large enough for 5 adults and also a sizeable 443-litre boot.


The Niro PHEV is a characterful small SUV that is available from as little as £30,765 for the ‘PHEV 2’ trim level. It’s another PHEV with eye-catching headline figures, such as a maximum efficiency of 201.8 mpg and, like the IONIQ PHEV, it features a 1.6-litre engine mated to an 8.9 kWh battery.

The KIA Niro does boast an extensive 7-year warranty as standard, alongside a healthy list of equipment included free of charge. This list includes an 8” Touchscreen, DAB radion, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, Reversing Cameras, Front and Rear Sensors and Smart Cruise Control.

If you’re looking for a super affordable PHEV with a higher ride height and plenty of kit as standard, you’ll do well to find a better option than the Niro PHEV.

The Renault Captur E-Tech PHEV

The next most affordable PHEV on the market today comes from Renault with their Captur E-Tech which starts from £30,995. As you can see, there is very little difference in price between the top 3 cheapest Plug-In Hybrid cars.

The Captur also comes with a 1.6-litre petrol engine, however, it has a slightly larger 9.8 kWh battery. This battery is able to achieve up to 30 miles of range on a single charge. 

Renault state the Captur can achieve a staggering 188.3 mpg when driven and charged correctly, however, this is once again extremely ambitious. A full charge from a 7kW wall box should take roughly an hour and a half.

So Which Is The Best?

Naturally, there are different cars for different customers. All the hybrids listed have exceptional levels of efficiency and are available at reasonable price points. Finding the right one for you will require test driving to see what takes your fancy, so why not get in touch with your local dealer to find out more?

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