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Audi Service Plan Benefits & Prices Revealed

By Stephen Turvil | February 14, 2019


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How Audi Service Plan keeps your car safe, reliable, and spreads the cost of maintenance via monthly payments

Audi Service Plan Benefits & Prices Revealed

Benefits of servicing

An Audi Service Plan is the cost effective, intuitive, and convenient means to keep your car in prime condition so it continues to command respect on the road. Simply, for example, pick a plan based on the vehicle’s age, engine size, and whether you want to pay upfront or spread the cost via monthly instalments.

That said, servicing is more of an investment in your car than a cost. Why? Because it minimises wear. Consider engine oil, for example. Its purpose is to lubricate, clean, and cool critical components but it becomes less effective over time. Clearly, therefore, it is important to replace it regularly. Servicing also:

  • Ensures the car works at its best, e.g. fuel efficiency 
  • Maximises safety, e.g. confirms the brakes work properly 
  • Creates a paper trail that helps verify the mileage 
  • Identifies minor faults before they become serious 
  • Maximises the car’s resale value and makes it easier to sell 

Why Audi?

Audi is better placed than its rivals to service your car as it designed, built and sold it. Furthermore, its technicians have brand specific training, brand specific tools, and only fit brand specific parts to guarantee the best performance for whatever adventures you have planned. The parts also have a 2 year warranty.

Audi Service Plan Benefits & Prices Revealed Image 2

Audi Service Plan 0 – 3 years

It is easy to choose the Audi Service Plan that suits your circumstance. Perhaps your vehicle is 0 - 3 years old, for instance. On this basis, perhaps opt for the plan that includes:

  • 1 Oil Service 
  • 1 Oil Service and Inspection 

If this suits, simple consider the table below, pick your favoured options then visit the manufacturer’s website to purchase online.

Audi Service Plan Benefits & Prices Revealed Image 0

Audi Service Plan 3 – 10 years

But what if your vehicle is 3 - 10 years old? If so, the Audi Service Plan that might suit incorporates 1 Oil Service and Inspection. Expect 1 Oil Change Service, too. Note the costs below.

Audi Service Plan Benefits & Prices Revealed Image 1

Audi Model Specific Service Plans

There is further choice. Options include:

  • Audi A1 Service Plan (specifically for your compact sportback) 
  • Audi A8 Service Plan (specifically for your luxury saloon) 

Audi Service Price Match

The Audi Service Price Match guarantees you get good value for money whatever your car requires. Audi, therefore, matches any like-for-like written quotation for a service, repair, maintenance and/or tyres. Premium care does not have to equate to premium cost.

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