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How Ford Keeps Your Car Safe & Reliable in Winter

By Stephen Turvil | January 28, 2019


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Ford reveals a range of cost effective services that keep your vehicle safe, reliable, and fun to drive this winter

How Ford Keeps Your Car Safe & Reliable in Winter
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 Winter driving hazards

Ford Winter Check, servicing, maintenance and repair ensure your car is ready for the snow, ice, rain, and wind typical of the season so you feel confident on the road. Such work, after all, ensures your pride and joy feels safe and secure whatever challenges you face. Note below what the manufacturer has to offer.

Ford Winter Check

The Winter Check requires the technician to confirm the car has enough antifreeze, for starters. If not, the liquid in its cooling system can freeze and break expensive parts. Expect a top up if required. The car is washed, too. Why? Because simply cleaning the windows and mirrors significantly improves visibility. All for £29.

Motorcraft Service

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The Ford Motorcraft Service is available from £149. Among other things, the technician checks the battery has the power to start the engine reliably. Winter is very tough on the battery. Furthermore, your vehicle’s tyre pressure influences how it handles, brakes, and rides so is adjusted if required. Also expect:

  • Oil and filter 
  • Antifreeze check and top up 
  • Brake fluid check and top up 
  • Windscreen washer check and top up 
  • Reset service light 
  • Wash and vac 
  • Steering check 
  • Visual alignment check 
  • Brake check (wheels off) 
  • Transmission oil check 
  • Pollen or air filter (extra charge) 

Motorcraft Repairs

Ford Motorcraft Repairs have a fixed, transparent, price structure which makes it easy to budget. Consider air conditioning, for example. In addition to cooling the cabin in summer it dehumidifies in winter to reduce condensation. Windows then stay clearer so visibility is improved. An air conditioning service, charge and refresh costs from £69.99. Other fixed cost repairs relate to your:

  • Brakes 
  • Battery 
  • Wiper blades 
  • Starter motor 
  • Alternator 
  • Shock absorbers 
  • Clutch 
  • Timing belt 

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Motorcraft Tyres

Ford recognises that heavily worn, barely legal, tyres with very little tread increase stopping distances in the wet. That is a particular problem through winter, of course. On this basis, it supplies tyres for modest prices to keep you, your family, and other motorists safe. Ford Ka tyres start from £35.95, for example.

Reasons to trust Ford

Whatever care your car requires this winter, it is sensible to trust the manufacturer rather than a third party. Benefits include:

  • Technicians are brand specialists 
  • Fits genuine parts 
  • Vast network of dealers nationwide 
  • Book online 
  • Ford knows your vehicle best 
  • Technicians have brand specific tools 
  • Sends videos to show you what work is required 
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