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Mercedes-Benz Service Care Plan Benefits for 2019

By Stephen Turvil | January 23, 2019


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Mercedes-Benz Service Care Plan features, benefits, and prices revealed and how it keeps your car at its best

Mercedes-Benz Service Care Plan Benefits for 2019

 Benefits of servicing

The Mercedes-Benz Service Care Plan is the convenient, cost effective, simple means to keep your car at its best so it continues to impress family, friends, and colleagues. All from £29 per month in The United Kingdom. It is, in fact, critical you maintain the service history of a prestigious car. Why? Because it:

  • Minimises wear and tear 
  • Keeps the vehicle reliable 
  • Maximises resale value 
  • Identifies minor faults before they become serious 
  • Helps prove the mileage is correct 
  • Makes it easier to sell 

Your Mercedes-Benz Service Care Plan also incorporates other benefits. The price, for example, is fixed and you pay either monthly or via a lump sum. Both these options make it easy to manage your finances, protect you from inflationary rises, and ensure there are no nasty surprises. Furthermore, payment includes parts, labour, plus items you might not expect such as brake fluid.

Mercedes-Benz Service Care Plan Benefits for 2019 Image 3

Mercedes-Benz is also best placed to care for your car as it designed, built, and sold it. Who else knows it better? In addition, your technician has brand specific training, brand specific tools, and only fits genuine parts to guarantee the best fit, compatibility, and performance. It is a no compromise service.

The manufacturer also has a vast network of dealers in prime locations, so expertise is close to home. Pick from 140 such sites.

The Service Care Plan has a final benefit. If, therefore, you pay upfront it can be transferred to the new keeper if you sell the car. This might raise its price and make it easier to find a buyer.

Service Care Plan prices

Mercedes-Benz recognises that you want to enjoy your car rather than think about servicing costs. Its online calculator therefore makes it quick, easy, and convenient to confirm your monthly payment. To start, simply enter the car’s registration number or select it from the list. Factors that influence your price include:

  • Model, e.g. A-Class 
  • Age, i.e. less or more than 12 months 
  • Annual mileage, i.e. 0 to 15,500, 15,500 to 31,000, 31,000 + 
  • Payment period, i.e. 1, 2, 3 or 4 years 
  • Number of services, i.e. 2, 3 or 4 

The following tables reveal example prices.

Mercedes-Benz Service Care Plan Benefits for 2019 Image 1

Mercedes-Benz Service Care Plan Benefits for 2019 Image 5

Calculate your ServiceCare plan today.

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