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Frequently Asked Questions

The driving theory test will cost you a flat £23, regardless of when you take it. In case you don’t pass it once, later bookings will carry the same rate. You don’t need to take a theory test if you’re planning to book a taxi driving test.

The test itself takes 1 hour and 20 minutes, with 57 minutes for the multiple-choice part, and 20 for hazard recognition. The certificate you receive after completing a car driving test is valid for up to 2 years. Once this period is up, you must take it again, without exception.

You can book a driving test online by using your UK (provisional) driving license number, email address and payment card. According to present regulations, you will have to wear a face-covering during the test, unless you have a good reason not to. These include a type of disability or severe distress.

The driving theory test consists of 50 questions, of which you must get 43 right to pass. For this phase of the test, you will get 57 minutes. Among the questions, there will be included scenario-based questions, based on video clips – typically at the end.

No. However, it could be helpful. A good grasp of the theory will help you focus exclusively on driving. Driving lessons are an expensive way of filling in gaps in your theoretical knowledge, should that be the reason you’re choosing not to take your driving theory test.

The results of your driving license theory test will be valid for a total of 2 years since the day of the result. To fully benefit from it, you will need to pass the practical driving test, sometime during these 2 years. You can book a theory test 6 months before your certificate expires.

You may only book a practical driving test after passing the theory test. As an exception, taxi driving tests don't require it. Your examiner will ensure you’ve passed the theory test before you’re allowed to take the practical one.

It’s possible to take the practical car driving test once you hit the age of 17, or in certain cases, 16. You may also not take the test if you’re quarantining, self-isolating, you’re waiting for your replacement driving license. If you’ve misplaced your theory test certificate, the examiner will verify your eligibility.

After passing the car driving test, next on the line are the insurance premiums you’ll have to pay. They range from £1000 to £2400, depending on several factors. Everything from that car model, to where you store it overnight and if you’re willing to pay upfront will affect this price.