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Audi Price Match Promise for Service, Maintenance, Repair & Tyres

By Stephen Turvil | October 15, 2018


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Audi promises to match competitor quotes for servicing, maintenance, repairs and tyres within The United Kingdom

Audi Price Match Promise for Service, Maintenance, Repair & Tyres

Reasons to trust Audi

Audi Service Price Match guarantees the manufacturer matches any like-for-like, written, quotation for servicing, maintenance, repairs or tyres from competitors within 15 miles of your Audi Centre. Simply ensure the quote includes genuine, manufacturer, components rather than inferior counterparts and any correct oil. Reasons to trust the manufacturer to care for your vehicle include:

  • Audi designed, built and sold it so know it best 
  • Technicians have brand specific training, tools and experience 
  • Genuine, manufacturer, parts ensure the best compatibility 
  • Components incorporate a 2 year parts and labour warranty 

Servicing: From £170

There are various reasons to service your vehicle such as to minimise wear. New oil is a better lubricant than old, for example. Furthermore, new spark plugs ensure the engine is at its most responsive and fuel efficient. Service history also maximises the vehicle’s resale value as it is coveted by knowledgeable motorists.

Audi advises you to follow its Fixed Service Schedule or Flexible Service Schedule. It is, therefore, sensible to speak to a technician to confirm which best suits your lifestyle, car and driving style. However, the table below incorporates some guidance.


  Fixed   Schedule

 Flexible Schedule

Recommended for:

  • Less than 10,000 miles per annum 
  • Mainly city/town centre driving
  • Short journeys
  • More than 10,000 miles per annum
  • Motorway and main road driving
  • Mainly longer distance journeys

Oil change service: 

  Fixed to every 9,000 miles/1 year  
  Variable to a maximum of  19,000 miles/2    years

Inspection service:

  Fixed to every 19,000 miles/2 years
  Fixed to every  19,000 miles/2 years

Maintenance and repair

Audi Price Match Promise for Service, Maintenance, Repair & Tyres Image 1

Audi maintenance and repairs further ensure your car is at its best. New brake fluid helps it stop properly, for example. It is also best to replace the cam belt at the time recommended by the manufacturer. The alternative is to let it snap which can cause considerable damage. Example maintenance and repair prices from include:

  • Audi A1 brake fluid: £65 
  • Audi A2 cam belt: £495 
  • Audi A4 air-conditioning service: £90 
  • Audi A6 front wiper blades: £42 
  • Audi A8 clutch: £899 
  • Audi Q3 cam belt and water pump: £649 
  • Audi Q7 rear brake pads: £235 
  • Audi S8 front brake pads and discs: £775


Tyres influence how your car brakes, rides and corners so are more important than some people recognise. Audi therefore supplies high quality, cost effective, tyres that help you drive with confidence. 

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