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ULEZ scrappage scheme for vans: Here’s how it works

By Tom Gibson | May 24, 2023


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We take a look at how the ULEZ scrappage scheme works and how you can access it

ULEZ scrappage scheme for vans: Here’s how it works

In an effort to combat air pollution and improve the air quality in London, Sadiq Khan has introduced a scrappage scheme specifically tailored for vans to encourage commercial drivrs to buy cleaner vehicles.

Eligibility criteria

-       The scheme is open to eligible sole traders, micro businesses (with up to 10 employees), or registered charities with a London address

-       The vans or minibuses being scrapped should not meet the ULEZ emissions standards

-       The vehicles must be owned for a minimum of 12 months, registered under the name of the business, sole trader, or charity, insured for business use, and possess valid tax and MoT certification

-       Non-compliant vehicles include those with Euro 5 diesel or earlier, or Euro 3 petrol or earlier emissions standards


Financial Incentives

Under the ULEZ scrappage scheme, van owners have three options available to them, each offering a different level of financial incentive:

-       Scrap a van: Van owners can receive £5,000 towards the purchase of a new vehicle by scrapping their existing non-compliant van or minibus

-       Retrofit a van: Alternatively, owners have the option to retrofit their non-compliant van to meet the ULEZ standards. This option also provides a £5,000 financial incentive to assist with the retrofitting costs

-       Scrap and replace with an electric van: Van owners can choose to scrap their non-compliant vehicle and replace it with a fully electric van. This option offers a higher incentive of £7,500 to support the transition to a zero-emission vehicle

offering financial incentives for scrapping or retrofitting non-compliant vehicles, the scheme encourages van owners to embrace cleaner alternatives. As more vans transition to electric or ULEZ-compliant models, the city moves closer to achieving its environmental goals, creating a healthier and more sustainable urban environment for all.

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