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Which vans are cheap to insure?

By Stephen Turvil | August 25, 2022


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Van insurance group ratings explained. How a van’s price, performance, and security features affect your premium. Plus, vans that are cheap to insure in 2022.

Which vans are cheap to insure?

Van insurance group ratings reveal which models are cheap to insure. Thatcham Research is the centre that calculates a van’s rating. The considerations include the price of the van when new, the cost of repair, the 0 to 60mph time, and the security features.

A van’s rating reflects the likelihood the driver will make an insurance claim, and for how much. This helps the insurer assess its financial risk. The higher the risk the higher the rating – and the premium. For example a big, powerful, expensive van that is easy to steal has a high insurance group rating. In contrast, a small, modest vehicle with good security features has a low rating.

Van insurance group ratings: before January 1st 2016

For vans registered before January 1st 2016, ratings span from one to 20. A van’s rating also includes a suffix letter that adds information. 10A, perhaps. The letter rates its security equipment. 

A Van meets the security requirements of its group.
D Van does not meet the security requirements of its group, so it has been moved up. For example, group 9 to 10D.
E Van exceeds the security requirements of its group, so it has been moved down. For example, 9 becomes 8E.
P The rating was incomplete when the van launched.
U The van’s security features are unacceptable. 
G Thatcham only gives insurance group ratings to vehicles built for the UK. However, it also ‘lists vehicles classed as imports’ and marks them with the G suffix.

Van insurance group ratings: from January 1st 2016

For vans registered from January 1st 2016, the insurance group ratings range from 21 to 50. This expansion ‘increases the sensitivity’ of the scale, Thatcham explained. As before, a van’s rating includes a suffix that refers to its security features.

Vans in low insurance groups

Ford Transit Courier

Ratings 25A to 28A
Year 2022
Description Smallest van in the Transit range. It has a maximum payload of 595kg, excluding passengers.

Vauxhall Combo Panel Van

Ratings 29E to 33E
Year 2022
Description Compact van that is wide enough for a standard pallet and has 15 storage compartments in the cabin.

Renault Zoe

Ratings 26E to 32E
Year 2022
Description Fully electric, zero emission, small van that is derived from a car. It is easy to drive. 

Toyota Proace City

Ratings 32E to 37E
Year 2022
Description Small city van that costs from £25,450 including VAT. It averages 44.8 to 51.3mpg.

Citroen Berlingo

Ratings 29E to 32E
Year 2022
Description Small van that has parking sensors, automatic lights, Bluetooth, and an overhead storage shelf as standard.

Peugeot Partner Panel Van

Ratings 31E to 35E
Year 2022
Description Compact van with head-up display. This system projects information such as your speed onto the windscreen.

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