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L & L Automotive-Smart of Stevenage, Stevenage

. Stevenage. SG1 2BT


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Gayle Horsfield
0.0 / 5
Dec 28, 2015
Don’t trust anyone at this dealership. They will sell you a poorly prepared car and then make it incredibly difficult for you to put things right. They say a fish rots from the head down and that is certainly true here. It is a shame I had to give them one star, in order to leave this review. Whilst driving my new car home, I quickly found I was breathing in horrendous fumes. By the end of my 2½ hour journey, my eyes were streaming, my throat was very sore, I had a severe headache and I was struggling to breath. It turned out the car had been Star Guarded just hours before I collected it and it was still wet. I couldn’t drive the car for 3 days, until it was fully dried and the fumes had gone. The edges of the doors have deep scratches where they have been repeatedly banged and bashed against a brick wall, there was a nasty scratch on the chrome centre console, marks on the interior of the passenger door and glove box, the door sills are very badly scratched, the car hadn’t been valeted very well and there was wax on the windscreen, so when it started raining, the wipers just smeared across the windscreen, making driving dangerous. I think the entire team, including the General Manager, would benefit from some training in Customer Service. Their attitude is tough - we’ve got your money, now go away, we're not interested and the salesman Graham NEVER returns calls. They have agreed the car should not have left the dealership in this state and they want to put things right, but they have said I have to drive for 2½ hours to take the car back, they will loan me a car, so that I can drive 2½ hours back home, then when my car is ready, I can drive another 2½ hours back to the dealership, followed by another 2½ hours back home. I think it is unreasonable of them to expect me to lose two days and drive for ten hours, because of their inadequacies and poor workmanship. I have asked if they will, at the very least, meet me half way and collect the car from me and I will fetch it back, or visa versa, but they have refused. If I had known Mercedes practice is to employ cowboys, I would have stayed with Lexus. This has left a very sour taste.