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1960s Aston Martin DB6 goes electric for £1 million

By Stephen Turvil | October 12, 2021


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Classic Aston Martin DB6 brought up to date with electric propulsion, new suspension, air conditioning, and sat-nav

1960s Aston Martin DB6 goes electric for £1 million

The Aston Martin DB6 that launched in the sixties has been painstakingly modernised by Lunaz, a company that electrifies classic cars. Chief Executive Officer, David Lorenz, said the project has been inspired by ‘sustained demand’ from clients and ‘reflects the desires’ of a new type of buyer. In other words, a buyer that wants classic car styling blended with newer technology.

‘There is no more evocative GT car than the Aston Martin DB6’, Lucaz’s website argued. ‘It is an alluring marriage of fastback design, indulgent proportions, and one of the most iconic shapes ever conceived in metal. Remastering and electrification amplifies the characteristics of a car so beautiful we have a responsibility to preserve it for many generations to come’, the company stressed.

How the DB6 is modernised

Lunaz starts with an original car rather than create a replica from scratch. Its four litre, straight-six, petrol engine is then removed alongside the gearbox, exhaust, fuel tank, suspension, interior, and electrics. The car is completely stripped. The bodywork then undergoes a bare metal restoration to remove any imperfections and ensure it looks brand new, perfect, and striking.

The Aston Martin DB6 is then fitted with a clean, zero-emission, electric motor that replaces the four-litre petrol engine. The motor is powered by a battery that can be charged quickly via a cable, much like any electric car. The rumoured maximum range per charge is 255 miles. ‘Our powertrain is designed and engineered entirely in-house using the very best components’, Lunaz explained. 

The Aston Martin DB6 then gets more upgrades. The suspension and brakes are modernised to improve the handling, ride, and stopping power. These upgrades make it more comfortable and usable. The cabin is upgraded, too. Extras include air conditioning, sat-nav, wi-fi, and Apple Car Play. Such enhancements are sensitively integrated so that the vehicle’s interior retains its sixties vibe. 

David Beckham supports electrification

David Beckham, a retired footballer, has invested in the electric car company and is delighted it updated the DB6... 'This new development completes the company’s lineup of British automotive icons and I am proud to be involved with a team that is leading the field in creating sustainable solutions.'

Lucas has previously modernised several other classic vehicles including Jaguars, Bentleys, and Range Rovers. 


The Aston Martin DB6 is to be built in very limited numbers for wealthy motorists, who are likely to pay more than £1,000,000 each.

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