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5 of the Hottest Hatch Scrappage Deals

By Phil Gardner | May 30, 2019


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5 biggest scrappage discounts on hatchbacks

5 of the Hottest Hatch Scrappage Deals

The scrappage deals have continued! The manufacturers are clearly keen to keep the deals rolling all the way into Summer 2019. A lot of the discounted offers have grown significantly. So, if you’ve got a qualifying car that you’ve been thinking of trading in, here are the biggest discounts you can get against brand new hatchbacks…T&C's apply. Participating dealers only.

Toyota Aygo - £2,000 saving

5 of the Hottest Hatch Scrappage Deals Image 4

First up, the Aygo. Toyota’s smallest car in their lineup is now available with a healthy £2,000 off the list price. Now, the Aygo x-play is £11,380 at the moment, so at that price, it's coming in at just over £9k. Not bad at all. We love the Aygo thanks to its quirky looks, contemporary appearance and impressive onboard technology. It’s also worth mentioning that you can get up to 56mpg out of the fruity little 3 cylinder, 1.0-litre engine, which is something we can all get along with.

Kia Picanto - £2,000 saving

5 of the Hottest Hatch Scrappage Deals Image 12

The Picanto is a small, city class, hatchback. Strengths include the rear camera that incorporates guidance lines, parking sensors, and excellent visibility that enable you to park with confidence, further strengths include low fuel consumption and Kia’s 7 year warranty. Prices from £9,895.

Toyota Yaris - £2,500 saving

5 of the Hottest Hatch Scrappage Deals Image 2

The second smallest model in the Toyota lineup comes with a big discount. The Yaris now comes with a healthy £2,500 off the list price when you trade in a qualifying vehicle. The Yaris is available in a range of bold colours, has stylish features and great tech. Further features include fuel economy of up to 48mpg, alloy wheels, multimedia system with 7" display with reversing camera, DAB & Bluetooth all as standard on Icon models and above. This discount is available on the Icon model and above, so it takes the price down from £15,020 to £12,520. 

Mazda2 - £3,000 saving (sub 144g/km models)

5 of the Hottest Hatch Scrappage Deals Image 5

 This sharp looking hatchback is now available with a staggering £3,000 off the list price, which reduces from £13,795 to £10,795. Not bad at all for a stylish hatchback which comes with high-quality interior materials and an intuitive, driver-focused dashboard layout. The Mazda 2 is also praised for its free-revving petrol engines and satisfying gear changes.

Hyundai i30 Fastback - £4,000 saving

5 of the Hottest Hatch Scrappage Deals Image 6

The Hyundai i30 Fastback is similar to the regular i30 hatchback, but with a lower roof and a sleeker front end for some extra coupe type styling. Prices start from £20,440 for the SE Nav 1.0 T-GDi 120PS so with a £4k discount and a 5 year warranty it makes this car a bargain. 

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