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All-in from Audi: everything your car needs for less

By Stephen Turvil | June 6, 2022


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All-in from Audi: save money on your car’s servicing, warranty, roadside assistance, and MOT tests from 2022.

All-in from Audi: everything your car needs for less

All-in from Audi is the low cost, easy to follow plan that guarantees your car gets the care it requires. It includes its servicing, warranty, roadside assistance, and MOT tests for 24 months. On average, you can save £1,220 during the life of your plan compared to paying for such work as you go. You can pay upfront via a lump sum or spread the cost with monthly instalments.


All-in from Audi includes two services. Servicing ensures that your car feels its best on the road, optimises efficiency, and identifies any minor issues before they get serious. Service history also maximises your car’s trade-in price when it is time to move on. A well maintained vehicle is more desirable than an unloved counterpart, after all. That is reflected by the valuation. 


All-in from Audi includes a two year warranty for further peace of mind. It covers the cost to repair or replace countless components. 

Roadside assistance

Audi works hard to ensure your vehicle is reliable, capable, and ready for anything. However, if there is an issue at the roadside help is available. All-in from Audi includes roadside assistance for two years, via the AA. The cover is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. 

MOT tests

An MOT test is required once your car is three years old, then annually thereafter. It ensures that it meets minimum safety and environmental standards. All-in from Audi includes two such tests.

Save money with All-in from Audi

All-in from Audi can save you a significant amount of money. The table below reveals example savings compared to paying for your car’s servicing, warranty, roadside assistance, and MOTs as you go. 

All-in from Audi Pay as you go
One oil service £200.00 Included
One oil and inspection service with pollen filter £325.00 Included
Two MOT tests £99.98 Included
Roadside assistance for two years £160.00 Included
Warranty for two years £1220.00 Included
Total cost £2004.98 24 x £29.99 monthly payments of £719,76 upfront
Saving £1,220

All-in from Audi eligibility

All-in from Audi is available for a wide range of vehicles. To qualify, yours must be between three and six years old and its engine cannot be larger than two litres. Additionally, your car must have covered less than 100,000 miles at the start of your plan. You can quickly sign up online at the manufacturer’s website. 

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