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Almost Half of Parents Are Too Cautious to Enjoy Family Days Out - Hyundai Want to Change That

By Phil Gardner | August 25, 2020


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Get closer to nature with the new Hyundai KONA Electric at Chessington World of Adventures

Almost Half of Parents Are Too Cautious to Enjoy Family Days Out - Hyundai Want to Change That

Hyundai has conducted research that suggests parents are worried that they’re not spending enough quality time together with their family. Apparently up to 43% of parents are cautious about engaging with everyday family activities with their families. 36% of parents are worried that due to the uncertainty around COVID they are unable to go out and experience some good family time. Furthermore, 56% of parents have admitted that they have struggled to keep their children entertained under lockdown and 65% say it is difficult to find new safe activities to do as a family.

Almost Half of Parents Are Too Cautious to Enjoy Family Days Out - Hyundai Want to Change That Image

This is understandable ongoing uncertainty that is being felt up and down the country among the tourism and hospitality industry. 66% of parents agree that it is extremely important that we protect these industries. The study showed that when given a list of family activities people are most looking forward to, 29% of people had a safari trip on their bucket list.

Chessington World of Adventures closed for three whole months under lockdown, bringing their revenue to absolutely nothing, and they have now reopened at a reduced capacity of just 60%. It’s vitally important for establishments like these that they get their customers back through the gates and enjoying everything they have to offer.

Hyundai is offering a unique way to visit the resort in a fleet of their all-electric Kona SUVs. Guests will be able to get up close to a variety of animals in near-silence thanks to the electric motor in the Kona. The Kona is the perfect car for a Safari as it emits no harmful pollutants into the environment that could affect the habitats and because there is no combustion engine, the Kona has the ability to drive past without disturbing the animals. Guests will be driven around the entire resort by a Park Ranger, visiting the zebras, ostriches, giraffes and much more. 

Almost Half of Parents Are Too Cautious to Enjoy Family Days Out - Hyundai Want to Change That Image

Managing Director at Hyundai Motor UK, Ashley Andrew, said: “In these unprecedented times, we are pleased to be partnering with Chessington World of Adventures Resort to offer this unique family experience in our award-winning Kona Electric. We have all faced many challenges this year and when our research revealed families are worried they aren’t spending enough quality time together, we wanted to do something to bring some smiles back to faces. This one-off adventure will provide those families with the opportunity to get up close to the African animals for some picture-perfect moments which we hope they will never forget.”

The Kona Electric is capable of returning up to 278 miles of electric driving on a single charge which really does make it the perfect car for this VIP Safari Experience which is being run across the August bank holiday weekend and is completely free of charge!

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