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An £18k Tesla on British shores soon?

By Tom Gibson | March 30, 2021


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An affordable hatchback from Tesla is coming.

An £18k Tesla on British shores soon?

It has been confirmed that Elon Musk's brand is building an £18,000 compact car is coming and could even be released in 2022, albeit not here. It isn't yet known when it will be here in the UK, or indeed wider Europe and America, but there has already been confirmation that it will be designed in China and sold globally. 

Given last week's news about the EV grant being cut, the news of a sub £35,000 model is perfect timing Tesla.

Plenty of news outlets seem to be speculating that is could be called the Model 2, although again, this is TBC. 

Details on the car are understandably sparse and, in fact, the only thing we know for sure is that is will have an LFP battery. 

LPF batteries are about 35% smaller than ones used commonly today and can store and release more electrical energy with less risk of them overheating. 

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