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Audi engine badges explained

By Stephen Turvil | January 4, 2022


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Audi engine, model name, and fuel badges explained

Audi’s 2022 engine badges reveal which vehicles have a modest amount of power, which are somewhat speedy but not extreme, and which are very fast. It is easy to interpret these badges. They include a two digit number from 25 to 70. The numbers refer to total power output whether they are petrol, diesel, hybrid, or fully electric models. The higher the number the greater the power.

Audi engine badges

The 25 badge is entry level and refers to cars that have 106hp or less. That is modest. The 30 badge is 107hp to 127hp, 35 is 145hp to 159hp, and 40 is 165hp to 198hp. Larger numbers refer to significantly more powerful vehicles. The 45 badge is 223hp to 244hp, 50 is 278hp to 304hp, 55 is 324hp to 363hp, and 60 is 423hp to 449hp. Finally, 70 is only for cars that have 529hp and greater.

Badges that relate to total power output are a change from the recent past. Previously, the manufacturer typically referred to petrol and diesel engine displacement. Displacement was the combined cubic capacity of any cylinders. 2.0 litres, for instance. The larger the displacement the more potential there was for power.

The manufacturer’s badges no longer state engine displacement as it has become a less relevant indicator of power. Fully electric models do not have cylinders, after all. In addition, hybrid cars can have small engines – with small displacements – but still be powerful as their engines work in conjunction with electric motors.

Audi praises numbering system

Audi Head of Sales and Marketing, Dr Dietmar Voggenreiter, praised the numbering system. ‘As alternative drive technologies become increasingly relevant, displacement as a performance attribute is becoming less important to our customers’, he said. ‘The clarity and logic of structuring the designations according to power makes it possible to distinguish between the various performance levels.’

Audi model badges

Audi model name badges provide further insight. Consider A3 Sportback. The A3 refers to a normal version of this compact hatchback. A sportier model is badged S3 Sportback – rather than A3. The S stands for sport. Finally, RS is the most performance focussed version of the car. RS stands for race sport. This system is used elsewhere. For instance A5 Coupe, S5 Coupe, and RS 5 Coupe.

Audi TFSI, TFSI e, TDI, and e-tron badges

The TFSI badge is for petrol vehicles and stands for turbo fuel stratified injection. It reveals that they are turbocharged and fire fuel directly into the cylinders. This system optimises efficiency. TFSI e, in contrast, is for petrol plug-in hybrid models. TDI represents diesels and stands for turbocharged direct injection. And finally, the e-tron badge is for pure electric cars.

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