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Audi Functions On Demand: Add Features To Your Car At Home

By Stephen Turvil | November 17, 2020


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Audi launches a revolutionary system that lets you add features to your vehicle at home

Audi Functions On Demand: Add Features To Your Car At Home

Remarkable! Audi Functions On Demand lets you add features to your vehicle from the comfort of home via the click of a mouse – even many years after purchase. But how? Your vehicle is equipped with countless features at the factory, but some are ‘switched off’. Such features can therefore be ‘switched on’ using the MyAudi app or the MyAudi Web Portal. Let us consider an example. 

Park Assist

The Audi e-tron is a large sports-utility vehicle. Perhaps you therefore find it tricky to park in tight spaces. If so, add Park Assist via Audi Functions On Demand. As the mechanical items have already been fitted, your instruction simply activates the software. The car can then steer into spaces on your behalf.

Audi explained: ‘The driver can fully relinquish control of the steering when parking. The system automatically guides the e-tron into parallel spaces and bays which leaves the easier tasks of accelerating, braking, and changing gear.’

Audi Functions On Demand: Add Features To Your Car At Home Image

Matrix Headlights

In addition, you might upgrade the LED headlights to Matrix LED. Why bother? Because then ‘individual segmented diodes in the high beam setting automatically dim, or deactivate, to give maximum illumination without dazzling leading or oncoming traffic’, Audi explained. You ‘simply leave the system to adapt to its surroundings’ rather than manually change to, or from, high beam.

There are further points to note:

  • Audi Functions On Demand features can be added permanently or temporarily if they are only required for a short time
  • if the car is sold any features transfer to the new owner
  • features have to be purchased
  • Audi Functions On Demand is only available on the Audi e-tron, but it will be fitted to other vehicles in due course (more features will be added too).

Audi praises its new system

Director of Audi UK, Andrew Doyle, summarised the benefits of the system. ‘It can often be worth investing in the right tool for a specific job’, he said. ‘However, if that job is not frequently required the expense can be hard to justify. This scenario can apply when a vehicle’s optional extras are concerned’.

Audi Functions On Demand lets you ‘go online at any point’ and ‘book upgrades’, Mr Doyle added. This can be years after purchase. Also, features can be added permanently or briefly ‘for a particular purpose’. A driving holiday, for example. ‘This is just one of numerous initiatives we are championing to ensure our customers benefit from maximum flexibility and convenience’, he revealed.

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