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Audi To Launch Their Seventh Electric Vehicle by 2021

By Phil Gardner | September 29, 2020


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The E-Tron Sportback will be available in the coming months…

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It has been rumoured over the last few weeks that the government plans to bring forward the ban of sales of petrol and diesel cars to 2030 to accelerate the rate of adoption for electric vehicles across the UK. While a lot of commentators believe that this is too soon and won’t be giving manufacturers enough time to adapt to such a huge shift in market behaviour, other manufacturers are looking more and more ready for the shift as each day goes by. None more so than Audi., who have just announced that by 2021 they will have their seventh electronic vehicle ready to hit the roads in the shape of the brand new E Tron Sportback.

The E-tron Sportback will be mechanically identical to the regular E Tron which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last year and they will both arrive in showrooms at the same time. It’s expected that the SUV version will top sales but there’s no denying that there is a strange allure about the Sportback model.

What can we expect?

Audi To Launch Their Seventh Electric Vehicle by 2021 Image

Performance-wise, expect a maximum electric range of 241 miles - significantly above the industry average, and the car will also offer a 0-62mph time of just 5.7 seconds when it is in the playfully named ‘boost mode’. Identical to the E-Tron SUV.

Director of Audi UK, Andrew Doyle, said: “The original e-tron was cleverly conceived because it delivered transformative technology to Audi customers in a familiar, friendly form that they could easily get on board with”

“Now the SUV has proved that electrified Audi models with all their environmental and efficiency benefits can be comfortably accommodated in everyday life in return for very little compromise versus their ICE counterparts, the time is right for the Sportback to offer a slightly bolder take on the concept.”

The E Tron Sportback is going to go on sale in 3 differing specifications. The entry model will be the 55 Quattro ‘S Line’ model which will start from £79,900. At this level expect features such as 21” alloys, Matrix LED headlights, sport suspension, sport seats and full leather interior. 

Audi To Launch Their Seventh Electric Vehicle by 2021 Image

Next up is the Launch Edition which hosts all the features of the S Line, as well as black stying applications and exclusive 21” alloys wheels. Interestingly, the door mirrors are removed and replaced with cameras which project the car’s surroundings onto OLED displays on the interior. These upgrades, amongst other things, set the Launch Edition model pricing at £85,900.

And last but certainly not least, arguably most, is the Vorsprung model, which starts from a cool £95,100. Visually, the Vorsprung is immediately identifiable thanks to colossal 22” alloy wheels which cage bright orange brake callipers. Inside, this model has ultra-luxurious features like power closing doors, a B&O sound system and diamond-stitched seats.

Audi To Launch Their Seventh Electric Vehicle by 2021 Image

Audi is hoping to have up to 20 fully electric cars available in their showrooms by 2025, which puts them in a great position for the inevitable ban of sales on petrol and electric cars. Is the new E Tron Sportback one for the masses? No, because it’s extremely expensive, but you can expect the technology in this car to be made available to more affordable Audi models in the coming months and years. We’re confident that whenever the ban on internal combustion engines is made, the Audi range will be in a good position to make the most of the electric revolution.

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