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Bentley’s legendary Blower is back as an electric replica

By Tom Gibson | August 21, 2022


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Blower Junior will start production around this time next year and will cost over £100,000.

Fans of the Bentley Blower, one of Bentley’s most famous race cars, were in for a treat this week after it was revealed the legendary British car maker is releasing a number of replicas.

The affectionately named Blower Junior is around 85% of the size as the original 1929 Blower while it's powered by electricity – a far cry from the four-cylinder, 4.5 litre supercharged petrol engine that could generate 175bhp.

The release is the result of a collaboration between Bentley and The Little Car Company and comes with a price tag of £108,000.

The Blower Junior is powered by a 15kW (20bhp) electric motor, giving it a top speed of 45mph and a range of around 65 miles. It's designed for city driving and short trips. The car is handcrafted with attention to detail, featuring seating for two adults in tandem, meaning the driver sits in front and the passenger sits directly behind. There's also space for luggage in the back.

Only 99 'First Edition' models of the Blower Junior will be made available for sale.

The charging port is cleverly hidden in the front of the vehicle, designed to look like a supercharger housing and the car pays tribute to Bentley's historic Team Car No.2, which is famous for its association with James Bond creator Ian Fleming.

The interior of the car features authentic details, including a scaled-down replica of the dashboard and various controls inspired by the original Bentley.

The Blower Junior will have significantly improved suspension and more reliable brakes compared to the original and production will begin mid-late next year.

Bentley said: 'Blower Jnr is crafted by hand to the same standards as any Bentley, and adorned with beautiful details all inspired by the original Team car.'

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