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Biker who literally stuck his finger up to the system finally caught by police

By Tom Gibson | May 9, 2023


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A brazen biker who triggered a speed camera six times while giving law enforcement the middle finger in the process has finally been caught.

Biker who literally stuck his finger up to the system finally caught by police

The 44 year-old biker, who was also uninsured and without a licence, repeatedly broke the 30mph speed limit and lifted his finger whilst the flash went off. 

Police weren’t in the mood for letting it slip and deployed an unmarked car to catch him in the act on 26th April.

The rider was reported for both offences and will also face court proceedings for his speeding violations. Kent Police's Roads Policing Unit released an image of the man giving the finger to the police while riding by the speed camera.

The Roads Policing Unit (RPU) tweeted: 'Great work from RPU 5 who stopped this male with help from colleagues in our Traffic Process Unit. He had no licence & no ins and multiple speeding offences pending...we hope he's got some comfier shoes with all the walking he will be doing.' 

Chief Inspector Craig West, head of roads policing at Kent Police, said: 'Speed limits and cameras are in place to protect the public and should not be treated as a game.

'Motorists who speed risk receiving a fine and points on their licence, and in certain cases being brought before the courts.

'More importantly they risk causing a collision that could result in a death or serious injury.

'Please remember to drive responsibly at all times to protect yourself and other road users.'

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