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Bishop takes a bang but walks away unscathed

By Tom Gibson | July 22, 2021


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Liverpool funnyman John Bishop was involved in a minor shunt when swerving to avoid another car

Bishop takes a bang but walks away unscathed

Comedian John Bishop crashed his Land Rover after swerving to avoid a car.

The Liverpudlian took to Instagram to share snaps of the shunt which left him uninjured. 

On his Instagram page John said: "I was driving to catch a ferry to Ireland when something happened!!

"To avoid a car that was swerving to avoid a 'big chicken' as I overtook I ended up like this.

"Nobody was hurt thanks to @landrover_uk being brilliant and no oncoming traffic.

Bishop takes a bang but walks away unscathed  Image

"I missed my ferry but went on as a foot passenger on a later one thank to James and Tony from @dyfedpowyspolice.

"Amazing how helpful people can be when you need them and thanks to the other drivers for staying including Andrew who I think sadly hit the 'big chicken' anyway."

Dyfed-Powys Police replied to the post, saying: "Hi John, pleased that you have arrived safe, take care!"

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