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BMW M4 GT3 Race Car To Debut At Nürburgring

By Stephen Turvil | June 8, 2021


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BMW M4 GT3 overview: race debut, power, equipment, price, and the advantages it has over its predecessor – the M6 GT3.

BMW M4 GT3 Race Car To Debut At Nürburgring

The BMW M4 GT3 is here. 

The race car is set to make its world debut at the Nürburgring Endurance Series on June 26th 2021 and this will essentially be ‘a test’, the manufacturer revealed, before the car is delivered to its race going customers in 2022. There will be other tests later this year to find tune performance, too.

In a statement, the German manufacturer said:  ‘The BMW M4 GT3 will contest its first races – for the purpose of testing under competitive conditions – in 2021. It will then do battle for victory as the new BMW icon on the GT racing scene from 2022. We can hardly wait to see our teams in action at tracks all over the world.’

BMW M4 GT3 Race Car To Debut At Nürburgring Image

Key strengths

The BMW M4 GT3 has plenty to live up to on the track if it’s going to fill the boots of the M6 GT3, its predecessor that’s been successful since 2016. There is hope for the newcomer, though. The manufacturer said it has three advantages. It is more drivable, cheaper to run and easier to use. 

BMW explained that the handling is more comfortable, easier on its tyres  and war on both the engine and gearbox has been limited to minimise running costs. The car is also easier to configure than its predecessor. More options can be tweaked via the steering wheel rather than a laptop.

The BMW M4 GT3 has plenty of power coming from its 3.0 litre, straight six petrol engine. It’s pulled along by 590hp and the weight save on its engine alone is 40kg from the M6’s 4.4 litre V8. There’s a six-speed transmission, an electro-hydraulic clutch and even an improved air-conditioning system… 

BMW M4 GT3 Race Car To Debut At Nürburgring Image


The BMW M4 GT3 costs from €415,000 net. That is €4,000 less than its older brother. In addition, it’s optionally available with the Competition Package that makes it more suitable for endurance racing. Extras include additional headlights, spring travel sensors, the rear radar camera system, and a tyre pressure monitor.

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