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BMW Service Inclusive: benefits explained for 2022

By Stephen Turvil | April 28, 2022


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BMW Service Inclusive is the easy, cost effective, and intuitive way to maintain your car to the highest standard.

BMW Service Inclusive: benefits explained for 2022

BMW Service Inclusive ensures your car gets the maintenance it needs to stay trilling, efficient, and practical far into the future. This service plan is easy to understand. Within 12 months of the car’s first registration, simply make one payment that covers multiple services. The services can span several years and many miles. How much you pay – and what work is included – is defined by what your specific car needs. BMW knows best, after all. 

Petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid

BMW Service Inclusive covers your petrol car until its fifth birthday or 62,000 miles – whichever comes first. The same applies if you have a diesel or plug-in hybrid. The benefits include a vehicle check. This requires the technician to inspect countless parts to confirm the car is safe, legal, and reliable. Service items can be replaced, too. Examples include the engine oil, engine air filter, micro filter, fuel filter, spark plugs and brake fluid.

Electric car

An electric car can be serviced to its fourth birthday with no mileage limitation. This type of vehicle needs less maintenance than its traditional counterparts. BMW still cares for it properly, though. It can have a vehicle check, micro filter, and brake fluid.

MOT Protect

BMW Service Inclusive has other benefits. MOT Protect is among the highlights. If your car fails its test, certain faults can be repaired without charge. Additionally, the manufacturer only fits its own parts to ensure the best fit, compatibility, and performance. Most parts have a two year warranty for further peace of mind. And naturally, the technicians have brand specific training which guarantees they are best placed to care for the car. 

Investment rather than cost

BMW Service Inclusive is best perceived as an investment in your vehicle’s future rather than a cost. There are multiple reasons why. Servicing helps the car run efficiently, for starters. The engine runs better with a new air filter. The brakes work better with new fluid, too. Servicing also minimises wear and tear which extends the car’s life. Consider the engine oil. New oil more effectively cleans, cools, and lubricates than any old counterpart. 

Service history also maximises the car’s resale value when it is time to move on. Drivers pay a premium for a car that has been maintained by its manufacturer. It is more likely to be reliable than its unloved counterpart, after all. It is more likely to behave properly on the road. It is more likely to make drivers smile behind the wheel. There are many reasons to service your car.

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