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Campaign launched to end middle lane hogging

By Tom Gibson | March 12, 2024


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Middle lane hogging is one of the things motorists find the most frustrating, and now a campaign has been launched to end it.

Campaign launched to end middle lane hogging

National Highways has launched a campaign to end middle lane hogging in the UK.

32% of drivers admit to doing it occasionally while one in 20 admit to doing it all of the time.

Even more infuriating than middle lane hogging are those who just sit in the outside lane despite passing no one.

Drivers should always keep in the left lane unless overtaking but this basic driving principle is either ignored or not known given so many choose to needlessly stay in lanes they don’t need to be in.

This leads to frustration from other drivers who then either tailgate, undertake or just get particularly irate behind the wheel of a car they can’t pass.

Undertaking isn’t strictly illegal but you would likely be penalised for Careless Driving if caught, while tailgating can also be highly dangerous and intimidating, especially at motorway speeds. Despite that, over 5% of drivers said they do it.

198 people were killed and 6,730 seriously injured in crashes on Britain's roads in the 10 years to the end of 2022 where a vehicle following too close was a factor, according to Department for Transport figures.

Breaking these rules can result in being prosecuted for careless driving, with a £100 on-the-spot fine and three penalty points.

Perhaps a better idea would be to include the motorway in driving tests. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on that below.

National Highways director of road safety Sheena Hague said: "Our campaign aims to motivate motorists to embrace little changes, which will have an overall positive effect on both them and their fellow road users, reduce congestion and keep traffic flowing."

RAC road safety spokesman Rod Dennis said: "Middle lane hogging and tailgating are far more than mere annoyances for drivers - these actions put everyone on the roads at risk."

AA president Edmund King added: "Considerate driving is not just about being kind, but it is about keeping safe."

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