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Charge as you go; Sweden constructing world first

By Tom Gibson | May 2, 2023


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Sweden charges ahead on EV infrastructure with innovative road technology

Charge as you go; Sweden constructing world first

Sweden is constructing the world's first permanent electrified motorway, allowing drivers of EVs to recharge while driving.

The 13-mile 'e-motorway' will be located along European route E20, connecting Hallsberg and Örebro, situated between the major cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

The European Union recently passed a law mandating zero CO2 emissions for all new cars sold from 2035, meaning mass adoption of EVs is going to be a fundamental element in keeping countries moving after the ban.

In 2018, Sweden trialed the world's first charging rail for electric vehicles over a 1-mile stretch of road between Stockholm's Arlanda Airport and Rosersberg. The project is currently in the procurement stage and is expected to be completed by 2025.

While the charging method for the motorway has not been decided, there are three possible options: the catenary system, inductive system, and conductive system.

The catenary system uses overhead wires to provide electricity, making it suitable for heavy-duty vehicles such as buses and trams.

Conductive charging involves the use of a pad or plate on the road, similar to a wireless charger for smartphones and the inductive charging system sends electricity to a coil in the electric vehicle through equipment buried beneath the road.

Sweden has a total of 310,685 miles of roads, but it only needs to electrify highways as cars never have to travel more than 28 miles to reach one.

The country plans to electrify an additional 1,900 miles of roads by 2045 and has partnered with Germany and France to exchange experiences through research collaborations.

Sweden and Germany also have had demonstration facilities on public roads for several years, while France intends to procure a pilot section with an electric road.

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