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Convertible Cars still popular in the UK

By Geraldine Ashton Green | July 12, 2013


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Surrey is the UK’s ‘convertible capital’

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Citroen UK have released results of new research into the ownership of convertible cars and it seems that Elmbridge in Surrey has more convertible cars per head of population than anywhere in the UK with one convertible for every twenty five residents. In fact despite the dire British summers the UK is the second largest number of convertible cars per head of population anywhere in the world. Around 900,000 convertibles are currently registered in the UK out of a total 28.7million cars. The average number of convertibles to population ratio is approximately one for every seventy-five people.

Marc Raven, Communications Director at Citroën UK said “despite our often unsettled climate, UK motorists have a long established love affair with open-air driving. Our New DS3 Cabrio is already proving popular, despite the cold start to the year. What we didn’t know, however, was which areas embraced wind-in-the-hair motoring the most. Thanks to this research, we can see that Surrey and, in particular, Elmbridge, are where the most convertible lovers reside. Though with average rainfall of 10cm a month and only 1,150 hours of sunshine a year compared to Surrey’s 1,675 hours, we can perhaps forgive residents of the Outer Hebrides for passing on the top-down driving experience.”

Four districts in Surrey were in the UK top ten for registering convertibles and then the City of London and districts within the south east counties of Buckinghamshire, Essex, Berkshire and Hampshire completed the ten most popular locations for convertible ownership. It is no secret that the South experiences much warmer weather than the North so you do have more chance of putting your roof down.

The research also found that counties with greater household incomes had the highest rates of convertible ownership, Surrey happens to be one of the five areas in the UK for gross disposable income which is 37.7% higher per head than the national average.

Citroen DS3 Cabrio

Citroen’s DS3 Cabrio went on sale earlier this year and has proved to be an instant success; prices for this new exciting new soft top Citroen DS3 start form £15,045 and increase to £19,675. If you are looking for a car that stands out from the crowd and you want open top driving this summer then get down to your nearest Citroen dealership and book a test drive today, this car will definitely not disappoint but there is no guarantee to the weather. Convertible Cars still popular in the UK 
Surrey is the UK’s 'convertible capital'

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