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COVID-19 Update: All Dealerships Closed but the Show Must Go On

By Phil Gardner | March 26, 2020


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How the car industry is quickly adapting to the Coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Update: All Dealerships Closed but the Show Must Go On

Car showrooms have collectively accepted the decision to shut-up-shop for the foreseeable future following the global Coronavirus pandemic, which has undoubtedly caused a lot of stress and hardship not only for their staff, but also for the general public.

Britains motorists will have a lot of questions they need answering. Whether it is to do with buying, maintaining or replacing your vehicles, we’re here to help.

COVID-19 Update: All Dealerships Closed but the Show Must Go On Image

First and foremost, motorists with upcoming MOTs will be happy to know that all vehicles with MOTs due from the 30th of March have been given a 6-month exemption. That is roughly half of all vehicles on the road being allowed to remain untested to relieve the workload for essential workers.

Transport secretary Grant Shapp has said: “We must ensure those on the frontline of helping the nation combat COVID-19 are able to do so.

“Allowing this temporary exemption from vehicle testing will enable vital services such as deliveries to continue, frontline workers to get to work, and people get essential food and medicine.

“Safety is key, which is why garages will remain open for essential repair work.”

Secondly, car showrooms across the country were instructed not to open to the public from the 24th of March - but the show must go on and the industry is already starting to adapt.

Calls to dealerships are typically being directed to staff who are working from home. They will be able to help you with any enquiries you have about your current vehicle or vehicles you may be interested in. The landscape is changing almost daily, and your local dealerships are keen to keep you informed with the goings-on, so they’ll be happy to take your calls and answer your questions.

If you’re in the market for a car, you can request a brochure online and have it delivered to your front door. It’s likely that we’re all going to have plenty of spare time on our hands, which could be useful for decision making when it comes to your next vehicle.

Similarly, for those further along in the buying process, by calling your dealerships you will also be able to obtain finance deals and new quotes on prospective vehicles over the phone. 

COVID-19 Update: All Dealerships Closed but the Show Must Go On Image

Darren Edwards, Chief Executive of the Sytner Group, contacted us to say: “Our workshops will, however, remain open until work already booked in is complete and will then support the sales teams to prepare purchased cars for delivery to our customers. Once this has been completed, our workshops will close to customers, with a number remaining open to support key workers.”

The Sytner group, along with a number of other dealerships, will also be launching online car buying platforms in the current days to ensure that it is business as usual for the car industry.

At these difficult times, it is also essential to acknowledge the businesses and individuals who are going above and beyond, such as the Chorley Dealership Group, who are offering 50% off essential servicing and repair work to NHS staff.

The message is clear from dealers up and down the country, who are quick to improvise, adapt and overcome the unprecedented challenges that the Coronavirus is bringing to the nation. The show must go on.


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