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Cycle Lane Shame: £5,000 To Attract Each New Rider?

By Stephen Turvil | December 22, 2020


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Nigel Farage blasts ‘dangerous’ new cycle lanes as a study concludes it costs £5,000 to attract a single new rider.

Cycle Lane Shame: £5,000 To Attract Each New Rider?

The Government plans to spend tens of millions creating new, segregated cycle lanes but might only attract a single extra commuter for every £5,000 spent in London, a study cited as its example. Furthermore, there is a widespread perception among motorists that many recently installed cycle lanes have caused traffic gridlock, delayed emergency vehicles, and hardly been used.

Consider Harrow, for example. The Telegraph revealed that only 7 riders used one of its lanes in more than 6 hours. There were: 3 between 7:30am and 8:30am (peek time), 1 between 8:30am and 9:30am, and none between 11:30am and 12:30pm. More than 1,600 residents have therefore called for the cycle lane to be removed, or altered. 

Cycle Lane Shame: £5,000 To Attract Each New Rider? Image

Cycle lanes of questionable value

The study – as published via the Economics and Human Biology journal – further suggested that sustained investment in cycle lanes is of questionable value. If the Government spends £400 million per-annum between now and 2030, the number of commuter cyclists would probably rise between 0.5% and 1% (it is estimated).

But rise from what? In Britain, 3% of commuters cycle to work which is much lower than many countries. In Germany it is 9%, for example. In Denmark it is 25%. However, the study’s main author revealed that Britain’s figure of 3% ‘has been steady for decades’.

Nigel Farage blasts new cycle lanes

Nigel Farage – who is currently rebranding his Brexit Party as Reform UK – has vowed to fight for common sense. He said that the number of cyclists that use some lanes is so low they cannot be justified. ‘Do the councils responsible realise the hatred that their rules and regulations inspire among taxpayers?’, he enquired.

He then listed a few issues. Traffic, for instance. ‘All the lanes and road closures have succeeded in doing is cause traffic jams’, Mr Farage explained. He also confirmed that jams are bad for the environment. Why? Because cars emit pollutants yet barely move. Some cycle lanes are therefore ‘environmentally counterproductive’.

Nigel Farage further claimed that some cycle lanes could cost lives. They are ‘downright dangerous’, he suggested. Why? Because they ‘prevent ambulances and fire engines reaching emergencies quickly.’ The problem is that drivers no longer have space to move out the way of emergency vehicles. This might cause lengthy delays.

The political campaigner plans to do more than just talk about cycle lanes, though. 'My new party will stand candidates against any, and every, local councillor who backs these new cycle lanes and road closures in next year's local elections’, Farage affirmed.

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