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Dacia Spring: Britain's most affordable EV

By Mathilda Bartholomew | February 13, 2024


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Dacia's upcoming Spring promises to revolutionise UK driving with its affordable price, efficient design, and impressive features, challenging perceptions of budget electric vehicles.

Dacia has confirmed that its affordable electric car, the Spring, will be available for purchase in the UK next month.

The small battery-powered hatchback, which has been in mainland Europe since 2021, is set to undergo a mid-life facelift with new trim levels and a refreshed appearance.

While the official prices will be disclosed upon the March 12 release, speculations suggest it may undercut the current cheapest electric car in the UK by over £10,000.

Dacia emphasises that the Spring's core concept is to provide a widely affordable fully electric car tailored to drivers' real needs, aiming to be the most affordable full-electric car on the market. The starting price for the entry-level version is expected to be less than £18,000, with some estimates suggesting it could be around £15,500. In comparison, the current least expensive electric car in the UK is the MG4, starting at £26,995.

The Spring's compact size and lightweight design, tipping the scales at just 984kg, contribute to its efficiency. With a 26.8kWh battery, it aims for a range of over 137 miles. Dacia justifies this range by analysing data from Springs sold in Europe, revealing that the average owner drives only 23 miles per day, mostly in town at an average speed of 23 mph. The facelifted model also introduces regenerative braking, enhancing energy efficiency.

Moreover, the Spring features a bi-directional V2L charger, allowing it to power electrical devices and highlighting its energy efficiency, as recognised by the 5-star rating from Green NCAP in 2022.

In terms of performance, the Spring is equipped with a single electric motor offering two power outputs: 45hp and 65hp. While not known for speed, it prioritises practicality with a compact size (shorter than Dacia's Sandero) ideal for inner-city driving, aided by a small turning circle of 4.8 meters.

Safety concerns, a historical criticism for Dacia models, are addressed in the Spring, featuring an updated emergency braking system, traffic sign recognition, rear park assist, lane keep assist, and more.

While Dacia cars have been perceived as budget-friendly, the Spring aims to challenge the notion of feeling cheap. It boasts a modern design with Y-shaped light signatures, durable interiors with a digital instrument cluster, and higher trims featuring a 10-inch central touchscreen with smart navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

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