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DfT announces roll out of electric charge points but warned it isn’t enough

By Tom Gibson | March 29, 2022


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The Department for Transport says there will be 300,000 charge points in the UK by 2030

DfT announces roll out of electric charge points but warned it isn’t enough

The DfT has announced its plans to improve infrastructure across the UK as the Government continues its drive to increase the number of electric vehicles on our roads.

In our own research conducted earlier this month, a whopping 95% of you said current charging infrastructure isn’t good enough whilst only 19% thought it would be good enough by 2030.

Under the just released plans, the 300,000 charge points would mean there’s around five times more than traditional fuel stations.

But, despite what seem to be impressive numbers, numerous senior figures have said this implementation will likely not be enough.

About a third of current EV charge points are in London and Sir John Armitt, chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, which advises the government on major infrastructure, said in a report there was a gap emerging between the government's aspirations on net zero policy and actions taken to reach it.

He also warned that the installation timescale of 300,000 chargepoints needed be quicker with drivers looking to switch to electric "en masse" ahead of the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars.

Under the new plans, operators will have to ensure drivers can compare prices and pay by contactless card and new standards will mean operators will have to provide real-time data for customers to check the status of charge points and apps for customers to find the nearest available one.

Alongside the expansion of the UK's charging network, the Government also has plans for at least 6,000 charge points across English motorways by 2035 though an existing £950m Rapid Charging fund.

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