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Did you spot that two of President Joe Biden’s cars have the same number plate?

By Tom Gibson | July 11, 2023


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Social media users were asking if the president was breaking any laws

Did you spot that two of President Joe Biden’s cars have the same number plate?

President Joe Biden arrived in the UK over the weekend and with him came his usual procession of cars that act as somewhat of a juxtaposition to his freewheeling green agenda.

But leaving politics aside, did you spot that two of his vehicles carry the same plate – 800-002?

The armoured presidential vehicle, or vehicles, nicknamed “the Beast” are identical, with one acting as a decoy as well as a backup vehicle in case of a breakdown.

Each Cadillac has a reinforced 8in bulletproof shell that can also guard the president against biochemical attacks.

The limousine also has night vision cameras, run flat tyres and carries supplies of blood that match Mr Biden’s blood group.

Other James-Bond like features include a smokescreen, tear gas throwers, the capability to unload an oil slick and door handles that can electrify attackers trying to enter.

A moment that wasn’t quite so James-Bond like featuring The Beast happened in 2013, when it broke down in Tel Aviv after Barack Obama’s driver filled it up with petrol instead of diesel.

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