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Diesel drivers hit with unfair 20p-a-litre charge at pumps

By Tom Gibson | February 28, 2023


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Research has shown that, despite petrol prices falling, diesel remains stubbornly high

Diesel drivers hit with unfair 20p-a-litre charge at pumps

Motorists who use diesel are still having to pay around 20p-a-litre more than what is deemed to be a fair price, despite petrol prices falling.

Fuel prices have typically been stubbornly high over the last 18 months and Regit has reported prominently on the greed of supermarkets that prevented fuel from being reduced in line with wholesale reductions.

Not only that, but research showed many independent petrol retailers were holding onto Rishi Sunak’s 5p cut in fuel duty last year to help with the cost of living crisis.

Despite all of those challenges, those who use diesel are still having to pay a higher premium for their fuel despite there being 'little difference' in the prices of the two fuels on the wholesale market, according to the RAC.

According to RAC data, the average cost to fill a tank with petrol costs £81.40 while those who use diesel will need to pay £92.39 for the same amount of fuel.

The wholesale price of diesel is currently 6p more than petrol yet retail prices don’t reflect this and the RAC says a huge cut should be on the way.

Once again, the only retailer that does seem happy to lower prices is Costco which this week knocked 4p off diesel at its sites across the UK, meaning it is now charging an average of 154.7p – 13p less than the UK average and 11.5p less than the average at the UK's supermarkets.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “While our data shows petrol is generally being sold at a fair price at forecourts at the moment, drivers of the country's 12million diesel cars – as well as almost every white van driver – have every right to feel hard done by as they're paying a huge premium for the fuel which in no way reflects its lower wholesale cost.'

“The fact membership-only retailer Costco has been able to cut the average price of a litre of diesel by a massive 4p this week shows what's possible, but we badly need other fuel retailers to treat drivers of diesel vehicles fairly.

“Even though the price of diesel is not being cut as quickly as it should be, the gap between the average prices of petrol and diesel has dropped to under 20p (19.99p) for the first time since 10 October 2022.

“If retailers now do the right thing this should reduce significantly, saving drivers who rely on diesel a lot of money every time they fill up.”

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