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Drink Drivers Forced to Stay Sober via Sobriety Bracelets

By Stephen Turvil | October 5, 2019


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Drink drivers could be forced to stay sober for months by new ‘sobriety bracelets’ that make roads safer

Drink Drivers Forced to Stay Sober via Sobriety Bracelets

Sobriety bracelets explained

Reckless, selfish drink drivers who risk the lives of innocent people might soon be required to wear ‘sobriety bracelets’ that keep them sober throughout England and Wales, Justice Secretary Robert Buckland revealed. Naturally, the purpose of the bracelets is to minimise the number of people killed and injured on the road.

How sobriety bracelet works

Consider an example of how a bracelet works. The motorist is convicted of drink driving and forced – by a court – to wear a bracelet for a specified time. Four months, perhaps. The bracelet is worn on the ankle, incorporates a large box and strap, and weighs very little. It cannot be removed by the driver (in theory).

Every thirty minutes, the bracelet takes a sample of the perpetrator's sweat. It is then analysed to establish whether alcohol has been consumed. If it has, the relevant probation officer is informed and appropriate action is taken. The driver might be fined, receive a community sentence, or be sent to prison.

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Cost of scheme

The scheme is likely to cost twenty-two million pounds over four years. This investment might be easily recouped via savings elsewhere. Why? Because the purpose of the bracelets is to stop offences being committed in the first place. On this basis, there might be far fewer drink drive incidents for the police to investigate, and fewer causalities for medics to treat in hospital.

In other words, the twenty-two million pounds might be spent preventing crime – rather than clearing up the mayhem caused by it.

Sobriety bracelets praised

Those that champion sobriety bracelets say they have a proven record. Consider London. When Boris Johnson was Mayor, ninety-two percent of the motorists forced to wear them abstained from alcohol. On this basis, they did not drink drive then needlessly end innocent lives. The bracelets are also used in other countries.

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Government committed to reducing crime

Justice Secretary, Robert Buckland, explained: ‘The evidence shows that bracelets had quite a marked effect on reoffending. I’m committed to programmes like this where we can tackle the root causes of criminality – and make a difference not just to the lives of the offenders but the lives of the communities where they live.’

‘Using technology means we can make a difference when it comes to removing alcohol as a driver of criminality’, Mr Buckland added.

To this end, people that commit other, non-motoring offences such as criminal damage might also be required to wear sobriety bracelets if alcohol was a contributory factor. Once again, the expectation is that they are far less likely to offend while sober.

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