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Driver forced to pay £195 for pulling into bus lane to let police van past – do you think this is fair?

By Tom Gibson | January 31, 2023


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The incident happened in East London back in September 2022 and the council has insisted he has to pay.

Driver forced to pay £195 for pulling into bus lane to let police van past – do you think this is fair?

A driver was forced to pay a whopping £195 fine by the council for moving into a bus lane to let a police van pass through traffic.

But, is this a case of fair enough?

Stephen James could see the police van struggling for space and moved over to let it through and thought nothing more of the incident until a letter from Waltham Forest Council appeared in the post with the fine.

Stephen appealed but was shocked when it failed.

A council spokesperson said: 'The rules in London are very clear about entering bus lanes, and it is the responsibility of drivers to know and follow them.

'The driver can be seen moving into the bus lane to let the emergency vehicle pass, before proceeding to drive the length of the bus lane despite having the opportunity to re-enter the road.

'Had the driver re-entered the road, they would not have received a fine.'

Is this fair enough or should some compassion have been shown? Let us know what you think.

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