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Drivers Get Back on the Roads as ‘Lockdown Fatigue’ Sets in

By Phil Gardner | May 19, 2020


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Data from the RAC shows driving habits are starting to return to normal across the country

Drivers Get Back on the Roads as ‘Lockdown Fatigue’ Sets in

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It’s been a truly bizarre environment across the UK since we entered ‘full’ lockdown back on the 23rd of March, but recent data shows that we are starting to creep back toward normality as our lockdown restrictions are being eased and driving is being encouraged as a replacement for public transport.

On the 8th of March, the RAC posted data which indicated the first baby-steps being made on the roads. They measured that the use of vehicles was up by 11% when compared to the second full week of lockdown.

Interestingly, the RAC also reported that callouts related to breakdowns and faulty vehicles were actually up 18% over the same period.

This was over a week ago now and since then, Boris Johnson has informed the public to return to work, if they are able to do so and to avoid using public transport unless you are unable to do so. The government has also since encouraged journeys of any distance to go to parks, landmarks and places of natural beauty for exercising with people from your household.

It’s safe to guess that the 11% increase in vehicle use reported by the RAC has continued to increase over the previous week since that figure was published. The increase in breakdowns is what motorists will find most concerning though.  


We’ve posted a number of warnings about what could happen to your vehicle as it is left isolated during the lockdown, and it looks like some of the faults we predicted are coming to fruition.

President of the AA, Edmund King, said: “We stress the need to ensure cars are in a road-worthy state particularly advising drivers to check tyre pressures, batteries and brakes before venturing out.”

This comes as the AA announced breakdown callouts are up by 40% since the start of lockdown, as motorists are returning to their now faulty vehicles.

So, what can you do?

Aside from reading our helpful advice to prevent common problems, we’d anticipate developing under lockdown (you can find that here) we would suggest mitigating your risks…

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