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Drivers worry about cost and convenience of EVs with SMMT slightly downgrading sales forecasts

By Tom Gibson | May 9, 2023


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The SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers) issued a report to say sales of electric vehicles will be lower than initially predicted.

Drivers worry about cost and convenience of EVs with SMMT slightly downgrading sales forecasts

The Government’s continued slow roll out of charging infrastructure means demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is behind sales forecasts.

The SMMT said it expects EVs to account for 18.4% of new sales this year and 22.6% next year, down from previous forecasts of 19.7% and 23.3%.

Having surveyed our users on this subject on a regular basis we know fears around charging and convenience are proving to be barriers to sale.

Research has also shown that a huge north-south divide is, unsurprisingly, existent when it comes the availability of EV chargers.

At the start of April, there were 40,150 public charging points across the UK. Westminster has 2,196 of those – more than the 1,593 available across Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham combined.

Mike Hawes, chief executive of the SMMT, said: ‘The new car market is increasingly bullish, as easing supply chain pressures provide a much-needed boost. The broader economic conditions and charge-point anxiety are beginning to cast a cloud over the market’s eagerness to adopt zero-emission mobility at the scale and pace needed.

‘To ensure all drivers can benefit from EVs, we need everyone – Government, local authorities, energy companies and charging providers – to accelerate investment in the transition and bolster consumer confidence in making the switch.’

‘The main focus should be ensuring we have the right speed charger in the right location and we avoid any blackspots,’ said Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at the AA.

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