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Ducati Showcases New Motorbike Anti-Crash Safety Tech

By Stephen Turvil | August 2, 2018


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Ducati reveals innovative, car-like, safety features for its motorbikes that make riding safer and more fun

Ducati Showcases New Motorbike Anti-Crash Safety Tech

Safety Road Map 2025 purpose

The Ducati Safety Road Map 2025 gradually introduces new features for motorbikes which slash the risk of collision, make exploring the open road more fun and cement the brand’s reputation as a forward-thinking innovator. “Ducati has always been at the forefront of safety”, it argued. Consider the forthcoming features.

Blind Spot Monitor

The Blind Spot Monitor confirms there is a vehicle following in close proximity that is hard to spot. It cannot be seen in the mirrors, for example. The warning might come via a light in the instrument cluster and cuts the risk of chopping across the vehicle’s path. The system sees the hazard via a rear radar sensor.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Ducati Showcases New Motorbike Anti-Crash Safety Tech Image 0

Adaptive Cruise Control lets you specify a favoured speed and distance from the vehicle ahead. Perhaps you want to cruise at fifty miles per-hour, for example. Simply engage the system and it regulates the throttle. Rather than stare at the speedometer, you therefore have more opportunity to enjoy the feel of riding a bike.

And there is more. Cruising at a constant fifty miles per-hour is fine if traffic permits – but what if the car ahead slows to thirty? In this scenario, the motorbike automatically falls below your favoured speed to maintain a safe distance. Once the vehicle ahead speeds up, your bike automatically accelerates back to fifty.

Adaptive Cruise Control relies on a front radar sensor to perform such tasks. This sensor has a further purpose. Expect, therefore, a warning if there is a realistic chance of a “distraction-related head-on collision”, the manufacturer revealed. If you accidentally wander across the central line into oncoming traffic, for instance.

ABS Cornering

Bosch ABS Cornering cuts the risk of locking the wheels if you brake hard - even if the motorbike is leaning heavily through a corner. If, for example, the front wheel is about to lock the system slightly reduces the brake pressure to keep it spinning. There is then less risk of skidding, falling off, and getting hurt.

Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything Technology

Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything Technology (C-V2X) is a further innovation as it permits the motorbike to communicate with cars, lorries, infrastructure and numerous other things to minimise the risk of collision. This system is among the company’s “key projects”, explained Vehicle Innovation Manager Pierluigi Zampieri.

Ducati demonstrated the benefits of this wireless, automated, communication via various tests. A sports-utility vehicle started to emerge from a t-junction into the path of a motorbike that had right of way, for example. However, the driver saw a bright, big, warning message on the dashboard so stopped to avoid the collision.

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